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Modern Cloud Analytics: Soaked in Data, Raining Insight

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Cloud-BI and SaaS adopters have a clear focus on empowering end-user analytical talent to drive insight discovery and faster information delivery.

In this report, you'll learn more about Business Analytics such as:

The Problem

Siloed & Dark Data

Bottom Line

Three Pillars of Data Strategy

 Key Takeaways

Share • Dashboards • User Talent

The two main pressures faced by organisations to extract more value from their foundation of data are: (1) data disparity and lack of cross-collaboration capability. (2) Limited analytical portfolio to create and consume insights. 

Cloud-users are able to fortify their data with improved relevance, availability, and speed, to support line-of-business decisions.

  • Increase in searchable data by 16%
  • Increase in trust of data by 28%
  • Break down silos and democratise your data 
  • Expand portfolio of top-notch analytics to empower end-users
  • Awaken & nurture pockets of 'analytical evangelists'

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