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 Financial transformation 

How to Break Your Company's Addiction to Excel

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Explore how top performing finance teams are switching from Excel to cloud-based enterprise planning, budgeting and reporting solutions. 

In this report, you'll learn more about Excel Switch such as:

The Problem

Drowning in Spreadsheets

Bottom Line

Excel Switch

 Key Takeaways

Less Plumbing, More Planning

A survey of 167 organisations revealed the following six pain points:

  • Version control issues (64%)
  • Manual nature of input (62%)
  • Lack of security (54%)
  • Broken formulas (51%)
  • Old and inaccurate data (47%)
  • Difficulty connecting data silos (40%)

Top performers use more than just spreadsheets, but don't abandon them completely. Rather, Best-in-Class teams follow a "beyond spreadsheets" approach:

  • Utilize spreadsheets as a matter of consumption.
  • Adopt robust technology such as EPM.
  • Ability to reforecast as market conditions change
  • Ability to perform what-if scenarios
  • Ability to establish enterprise-wide collaboration
  • Ability to integrate hierarhcy controls 

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