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The easiest to use Data Orchestration Platform for Oracle Cloud.

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CloudBridge enables full data integration between your on-premises data and your Oracle Cloud applications.

This data agnostic application is designed for non technical users, enabling a seamless ability to move data from on premises applications to multiple Oracle Cloud applications.  There is no development required,  reducing the cost and complexity to achieve your data integration needs.

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Data Orchestration -- Nailed

Seamlessly move data from on-premise environment to your Cloud applications.

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Reduce Cost & Complexity

Avoid the need for additional expensive software and reliance on IT.

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Rock Solid Data Security

All your data is transferred to the cloud using 128bit encryption.


Pain-Free Data Integration


CloudBridge makes it easy to transfer source data from multiple locations including Hadoop, SQL, ERP or business intelligence on-premises environments to your Oracle Cloud applications.



Control Your Metadata


Review and edit all your metadata hierarchies from one place.  Add and delete members, drag and drop to new positions and maintain attributes. Create and edit mapping tables and pick lists.



Workflow Scheduling


Link and schedule multiple data integration tasks into linear workflows. Run database refreshes and business rules as part of the workflow. Send email status notifications to key staff.



Built for Finance Users


Reduce and remove the need for IT involvement and put the power in the hands of the user. Manage your data, metadata and scheduled tasks - all from one place.


Enterprise-Grade Security


World-class multi-layered security for your data to provide you peace of mind. Plus all data is transferred to the cloud using 128bit encryption.


Perfect for all these use cases...

Extract, transform and load data from your ERP and Accounting applications Load data from your on-premises or cloud CRM or HR applications into a dimension in PBCS • Create an automated workflow that loads metadata and data into a PBCS application, refreshes the database and runs a business rule • Load non-financial data in spreadsheets into your Planning application • Import a dimension hierarchy, browse through it and add, remove and edit members before loading it into PBCS • Share data from PBCS to Oracle BI Cloud Service so that business users can browse the information using a dashboard •  Integrate Big Data sources such as Spark and Hadoop with your Planning applications • Start a workflow from your mobile phone • Load mapping tables from Excel spreadsheets and then maintain them centrally in Cloudbridge • Push data from Oracle PBCS into your on-premises Oracle Business Intelligence apps.





Achieve More with Your Oracle Cloud


Integrate data from SaaS tools such as Salesforce.com and Big Data platforms Spark and Hadoop.

  • Easily sync common Salesforce data and custom data to the Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service.

  • Use pre-built mappings between common Salesforce.com data modules such as Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities with the Oracle Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service.

  • Pre-Built integration to key Big Data platforms such as Hadoop and Spark.  Select, load and map data into your Oracle Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service.

  • Big Data sources are synchronized via a secure high-performance integration enabling real-time insights across all key data sources.

CloudBridge VS Competition

Top User Needs... 



Load multiple data types and formats

Push data into several applications

Multi-stage, automated workflow management

Manage metadata hierachicies and mapping tables 

Modern, user designed interface (no command line programming)

Connect to non-Oracle applications

Access anywhere via a web application















Enabling the Predictive Enterprise at some of the world's smartest companies.

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Data Orchestration for Oracle Cloud Made Simple 

Deep dive into how CloudBridge works, the problems it solves and the benefits for your data integration needs.

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