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Become a Reference

Customers love talking to other customers.  Agree to become a reference for prospective Qubix clients to help them learn from your success.
Mini Case Study

Alongside your company logo we will write a brief 100 word summary of your experience with Qubix.  All content will be pre-approved before being shared.
Full Case Study

Help us to share best practices and your project success in a two page high impact executive summary.
Make a Video

Become a movie star.  Create a 5 minute video to highlight your experience and thought leadership with others.
Become a Panel Speaker

Join us twice a year at exclusive customer events to share your views and insights as a panel guest.
Join our Customer Board
Participate in quarterly meetings to help us improve the products, services and experience we provide our clients.


Rewarding Loyalty


A range of privileges and benefits (and ice cream) to say thank you .



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