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Digital Finance Template Solutions Designed for Local Government 


Radically Transform your Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting Processes.

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Drive Digital Finance Transformation in Less Time, with Less Expense and Less Risk with our Local Government Template Solutions.

Our Financial Planning & Budgeting template solution can help your local council implement an approach that secures the best value for money by providing insight in how to control costs, drive operational efficiency and strengthen financial performance.


 Local Government Designed planning & Budgeting template solution 

A Platform for Local Government Digital Finance Leadership


Remove spreadsheet inefficiencies and drive dramatic improvements in your planning, budgeting & forecasting processes to enable you to identify savings and efficiencies with a proven Local Government planning and budgeting solution.

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Monitor & Set Budgets

Create outcome focused budgets with real-time monitoring.


Create Plans & Forecasts 

Create both adjusted baseline forecasts or full driver based forecasts.


View Actuals & Commitments

Capture live data to view the full picture across the entire organisation.

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Employee Level Planning

Improve staff cost planning accuracy -- saving time and reducing costs.


Local Government Solution Suite Options

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Automate allocations with a powerful multi-step allocation engine. Provides straightforward configuration using optional drivers such as Headcount or Floor Space. Provides full traceability reporting.


Capital Planning

Track, monitor and adjust Capital Improvement Plans (CIP) on a multi-year basis, giving a complete financial analysis of historical revenues and expenditures as well as future spend and growth.


Project Planning 

Keep track of total project costs with historic actuals and future year  spend, providing unparalleled insight into every project and programme.

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Financial Planning & Budgeting Template Solution for Local Government

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