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 Local Government Planning & Budgeting Template solution


Local Government Planning & Budgeting in the Cloud 


Enable Your Local Council to quickly adopt best-practice driver based planning that drives value and performance across your organisation.

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Less Time on Process, More Time on Analysis.

Remove spreadsheet inefficiencies and drive dramatic improvements in your planning, budgeting & forecasting processes to enable you to identify savings and efficiencies with a proven Local Government planning and budgeting solution.

 How a digital finance platform will transform...

Budget Setting & Monitoring 


Create detailed budgets in days not months, using driver based planning to create future year budgets rapidly and collaboratively. Monitor using instant reporting capabilities within familiar tools such as Microsoft Excel and enable user driven dynamic variance reporting to drive the right decisions.  


Income & Expenditure

Create detailed Income and Expenditure for Original and In-Year Budgets with recurrent and non-recurrent adjustments



Capture & record detailed virements with full commentary.  Easy to discover with transparent details.


Model & Explore

Launch multiple 'What If' models to allow easy exploration of alternative planning & budgeting scenarios

Forecast Creation

Straightforward Forecast creation using selected profile based Baseline generation with user entered adjustments.


Workflow & Approvals

Extensive workflow functionality to confidently allow Budget Managers to fully engage in, and own, Forecasts.


Predefined Adjustments

Predefined Forecast adjustment categories for controlled Forecasting along with the ability to export to the General Ledger.


 How a digital finance platform will transform...


Planning & Forecasting 


A user orientated Forecasting process, designed for both Finance and Budget Managers by utilising powerful workflow and approval functionality. Forecasting becomes a streamlined activity that can be perfomed in a matter of minutes to add real value.

 How a digital finance platform will transform...

Actuals & Commitments


The capture of all relevant data provides a comprehensive "One Version of the Truth" which enables complete financial performance reporting and moitoring. Along with powerful analysis capability to provide users with the tools to make the right decsions.


All Data, One Place

Extensive workflow functionality to confidently allow Budget Managers to fully engage in, and own, Forecasts.


Variance Reporting

With all data at hand, complete analysis is available using powerful tools. Ensuring that fully informed decisions can be made


Predefined Workflow Packs

Predefined reports for dashboard or distributed viewing, including scheduling. Users can amend or create further reports.

HR Integration

Integrated with local HR systems for the latest employee, vacancies and actuals data to see the complete picture.

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Scenario Modelling

Undertake scenario modelling, apply and test varying assumptions to understand outcomes that will affect Pay Budgets.

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Incremental Drift

Automated calculation of incremental drift across all employee related costs, integrated with the budget setting process.

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 How a digital finance platform will transform...

Employee Level Planning


Create, review and understand one of the largest costs in Local Government, employee and agency staff costs.  Effectively analyse and forecast existing people related costs and new vacancies across the organisations.  Align data with core HR systems and report data consistently across the organisation.


A Platform for Local Government Digital Finance Leadership


Very Very Powerful

Powered by Oracle PBCS and the power of Oracle's Exalytics In-Memory Cloud Compute Platforms to deliver business answers with incredible speed, scalability and reliability.


Incredibly Smart

Know what will happen, not just what has happened. Improve your forecasting accuracy with built-in predictive analytics so you can course correct financial and operational plans in real time. 


Highly Collaborative

A collaborative platform that encourages greater cross team engagement.  Create team task lists, write and share notes. Integrated directly into Microsoft Office. 


Data Integration -- Nailed!

Pre-built automated data integration with Cloud and on-premises data sources including major accounting systems, ERP platforms, CRM, HR, SQL and Big Data sources such as Hadoop.



The pre-built Local Government Template delivers a QuickStart to speed up the time to benefit to days not weeks or months. Leverage industry best practices to deliver best-in-class financial results.  


Rock Solid Security

A fully Oracle managed environment with key security features including IP white listing and federated single sign on.  Meets or exceeds all international security & compliance standards. 

We have proven public sector experience.

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Financial Planning & Budgeting Template Solution for Local Government

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