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Affordable Business Insight Simplified


You bring the data and we provide the data science + visual analytics skills on demand so you can make faster and better decisions.  

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Turn your data into visual insights faster with Reporting-as-a-Service 

This fixed-fee Reporting-as-as-Service is an insight driven solution that enables faster decision making and best practice strategies for data orchestration, modeling and analytics.  Insights are powered by the Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service for anytime, anywhere access.

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Benefits of Reporting-as-a-Service (RaaS)

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Out of the Box

No development required.  Subscribe to the service and not only will we start you off with 5 dashboards, at anytime you can request additional reports as part of your subscription plan.

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Highly Visual

ata.The power of a best-in-class visual analytics platform enables your team to produce high quality dashboards, reports, tiles, heat maps etc., that tell better stories with your data.

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Interactive User Interface

A user-experience designed to delight business users. The gallery of pre-built visuals makes it easy to create the reports you need. The simple UI allows drag and drop, swipe and zoom.

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Go-Live in Days

We can have you up and running in days.  Why wait or have dependencies on others, when you can be live and reporting on your data in days not months or years.

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No More Data Silos

Easily combine all sorts of data such  financial, CRM, or HR to provide the complete picture to your decision-makers.  You give us the data and we make it work for you.

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Cloud Deployed

You don't need to worry about funding, designing, building and maintaining a reporting and analytics platform.  This is a Cloud service that can expand and contract based on your needs.

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Qubix CloudBridge Data Orchestration


Ready to Go

Qubix CloudBridge makes it easy & secure to transfer source data from multiple applications such as ERP, GL, CRM, Hadoop, SQL, CSV and other on-premises apps to the cloud.


User Owned

Designed for business users to reduce or remove the burden on IT teams. Incredibly intuitive user experience means everyone can explore and work with the data they need. 


It's Smart

Qubix CloudBridge is super smart and includes key feature such as workflow automation, meta data management, create and edit mapping tables and the ability to trigger database refreshes or kick off business rules. 



It's a platform.  Scale to hundreds of users and plug-in other critical data sources such as CRM, HR, ERP and Big Data sources such as Hadoop.

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What is Reporting-as-a-Service?

Reporting-as-a-service means we deliver a total solution in a productized manner.

You subscribe to the service and consume it as a product, but with all the benefits of a consulting service.


Our visual analytics team build great looking reports -- because every report has a story behind it; we help to ensure that you tell the right story.


Our team will add or edit reports on demand -- during your subscription use your service credits to request new reports, or changes to existing ones.


Benefit from our 200+ years of experience designing and delivering highly effective analytics solutions for our clients.


Qubix RaaS

Go-live in 60 days

Visually rich reports on-demand by our analytics team in a productized manner.


On-boarding (one-time fee)

or ask for Pay Monthly option

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What's Included

green_tick.png Qubix CloudBridge Data Orchestration

green_tick.png Pre-Built Integrations

green_tick.png Data Model Design

green_tick.png Data Visualization

green_tick.png On-demand report building

green_tick.png Free training and enablement

green_tick.png 12 support days per year


*price listed includes 60 consulting days, one-year of support and full training. Oracle Analytics Cloud subscription not included.

Don't have Oracle Analytics Cloud? Deep dive into the features, benefits and QuickStart deployment plan.

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Client Case Studies

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 business analytics

Advanced Analytics Cloud: Improving Planning and Budgeting 

This report highlights how Cloud-BI adopters are utilizing advanced analytics cloud to identify trends, and connections between data to devise smarter base-line plans.

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