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The Qubix podcast show • QTS series

An Introduction to Qubix Talent Solutions

A Smarter Way to Contract Project Resources 

Podcast Summary:

Listen in to discover how Qubix Talent Solutions can help you find the best people for your needs faster and at a lower cost.  De-risk your projects now with Qubix Talent Solutions.

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Qualified & specialised. Our network is exclusive and invite-only to ensure quality
Challenges understood. We over 200 Oracle engagements; we know what it takes to do the job
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Speed of deployment. We know what is needed; we have pre-qualifed skills to mobilize quickly

Everything You Need to Recruit Faster with Less Hassle and Uncertainty. Ask us for help today. 

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Big Data: Chief data scientist • Big data engineer • Big data architect 

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EPM: Technical consultant • Functional consultant • Senior Architect

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BI:  Business intelligence developer • Functional analyst • Support/admin • Project manager 

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We know you are busy. We also know that everyone is telling you they’re amazing and they can solve all your problems. We think differently and created the Qubix Speed Debrief to give you the key highlights fast, so you can decide our next steps.

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