Autonomous Data Warehouse

For an autonomous future, you need an Autonomous Data Warehouse

Move away from treating your legacy computing hardware as an asset and invest in monetizing your biggest asset - data.

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autonomous data warehouse

In an ever-changing world, move away from spending time on manual DBA duties and concentrate on innovation

In a world where the pace of change and innovation is increasing each day, you need to move away from maintaining and securing your data to gain insight from your data. Reduce risks, reduce costs and accelerate innovation with the world's first self-optimizing, self-repairing, self-securing database, the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

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A fully managed data warehouse cloud service that makes it very simple to provision a data warehouse, quickly and easily load data, and query that data using inbuilt web-based tools such as notebooks. Provision in a few clicks, and never worry about having to tune, patch, or even back up.

  • Self Driving
    A fully managed data warehouse cloud service that optimizes storage, patches, and upgrades itself
  • Self Securing
    Data is encrypted at rest and at transport by adhering to the highest industry security standards
  • Self Repairing
    High availability is built into every component and backups are completely automated to reduce downtime
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Fully elastic

Reduce costs while future-proofing for ongoing business demands. The fully elastic architecture and pricing model allows you to scale up and down depending on your requirements. Add more processing power, increase storage and add databases as needed.

  • Elastic Resources
    Specify the exact amount of computing and storage resources required at any one time
  • Scale on Demand
    Raise or reduce compute and storage resources at any time with zero downtime
  • Manage Costs
    Switch off your compute resources while they are not in use to save costs
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Data access

Gain insight into your data by connecting your existing Oracle or 3rd party analytics tools or use Oracle Analytics Cloud to perform advanced analytics on your data. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse also provides built-in web-based notebooks for querying the data. 

  • Developer Tools
    Use Oracle SQL developer to design and build your data warehouse or use your existing data integration tools
  • Any Database Tool
    Work with your data by connecting via any of the Oracle client language libraries including SQL*Net, JDBC, and other drivers
  • Multi-Model
    Work with many varied structures, thanks to the support for relational workloads, JSON Documents, graphs, and more 

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Implemented an analytics platform to increase insight into core drivers of profitability and performance. Advanced, cloud-based autonomous data warehouse reduces IT costs and increases operational efficiency.


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