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Simplify how your organization collects and analyzes data to enable insight at scale. 

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analytics cloud platform

A single and complete analytics platform that enables your organization to create new insights and improve outcomes

Competing in a data-driven world means unifying your organization's data from spreadsheets, applications, desktop tools, data warehouses and business intelligence. Moreover, to capture the maximum value, your organization needs access, governance and visualizations. A single and complete analytics platform can help your organization leverage its collective intelligence for new insight and value across business units and departments. 

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Self-service analytics

Deliver greater agility with an easy-to-use and fast self-service analytics. Providing users with rich visualizations and data story-telling tools that drives insight across your organization.

  • Smart Insights
    Automatic visualization of all your data, self-service or through integrations, to quickly create and share rich visuals
  • Self-Service Data Preparation
    Connect to any data source and easily blend and prepare data in dynamic data flows to quickly see its shape and quality
  • Mobile App
    Self-learning mobile app combines data insights into daily activities with voice-driven analysis on the go
OAC Data Collaborate



Use proactive machine learning insights, smart visualization, and analytic storytelling to drive new levels of innovation and collaboration. Connect people, processes and systems with a unified analytics platform.

  • What-if Analysis
    Rapidly collaborate on the analytic data, including modeling multiple assumptions and their effect on the business
  • Data Storytelling
    Capture insights and comments to create interactive stories you can share across the organization
  • Workflows
    Formalize collaboration and share approved models across a wide audience
OAC Enterprise Class



Leverage enterprise-class semantic layer for reporting and analysis. Map complex data onto familiar business terms and create a consolidated view of data across the organization. Provide peace of mind with role-based security controls. 

  • Business Model Layer
    Build a semantic layer or use existing on-premises models to leverage business definitions in all your analytics
  • Interactive Dashboards
    Customizable dashboards enable you to quickly analyze and manage activity across the entire system
  • Advanced Analytics
    Select interactive visualizations and automatically create advanced calculations to reveal the insights in your data
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Scale as you grow

Scale as you grow and retain complete control of your analytics environment. Accommodate for changing demand by adding capabilities and capacity to handle peaks and remove them when demand subsides. 

  • Elastic Cloud
    Resources can be scaled to adjust for the changing nature of your workloads
  • Process Automation
    Automate life cycle management tasks using RESTful APIs to implement reusable and repeated processes
  • Automated Administration
    Deploy patches and create or restore backups at a click of a button
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Royal Bank of Scotland

Delivered a bank-wide multi-franchise reporting platform in the cloud. Enabling faster reporting, self-service analytics and the use of advanced modeling supported by machine learning capabilities.


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End to end implementation services for cloud offerings, SaaS, PaaS, and industry solutions.


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Reduce operational risk and access services expertise globally, 24/5.

Qubix CloudBridge

The Finance Data Orchestration Hub

Qubix CloudBridge enables full data integration between your on-premises data sources and Oracle Cloud applications.


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