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A BI Solution For Everyone Who Works With Data Across Your Enterprise.

Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service is a perfect fit for small businesses, growing enterprises and departments of larger organizations to quickly and cost effectively deploy business intelligence with the simplicity of the cloud.  Help your teams see and act on data with powerful analysis, interactive dashboards and rich visualizations.



Everything you need in one solution, including dashboards, scorecards, KPIs, and deep customization.


BI for All 

Designed for everyday users across all functions - no specialized IT skills required.



Broad data integration options that are right for you, from self-service import to automated loads from all popular source.



Select from a gallery of pre-built analytics apps including Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Operational & Service apps


Self Service

Anyone can combine data sets and create visuals to quickly build and share compelling BI insights.



Hosted and managed by Oracle providing the industry's highest level security standards including (SSAE 16 Type II Certified).




Beautiful analytics for finance professionals like you so you can answer important, tough questions quickly and easily, while driving improved outcomes.


CFO Insights Wizard

Gain deeper insight into drivers of revenue, profit and cash flow. Gain answers to not just the “what” questions, but the trickier “why” reason and change the direction of outcomes.


KPI Dashboard

A critical tool for high-performance organizations is a KPI dashboard that provides a visually interactive at-a-glance view of business performance compared to objectives.


Cash Flow Performance Dashboard

Understand who is paying on time, who your slow payers are and improve cash flow forecasts and predictions. Get the insight needed to improve the focus on increasing cash flows.


Budget Tracking & Forecasting

Provide budget holders with the tools they need to better manage expenses and create reliable forecasts. Use data visualizations to see actionable changes that will improve results.

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Sales Analytics


Using the right sales analytics strategy could be the difference between meeting or exceeding plan, or having to answer some difficult questions.  Data and deep insight fuel high-performance sales teams.


Predictive Sales Forecasting

Static data and a sales teams “gut” adjustments isn’t a recipe for precision forecasting. Use multi-dimensional forecasting that blends multiple influencing factors to better predict outcomes.


Team Analytics

Know why your most successful reps are the best and clone this success.  Teamwide analytics provides a powerful lens to make data-driven decisions that will change outcomes.


Historical Trend Analysis

Understanding past conversion rates, seasonality, sales stage entry and exits, individual rep performance and other key signals will improve forecast accuracy. 


Spend Time more Profitably

Answer the question - "How can I spend my time more profitable today?" powered by insights that rank and profile your pipeline guiding you to the deals that have the highest probability of closing. 

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Marketing Analytics


Marketing analytics allows you to identify how each of your marketing initiatives is performing to determine the true ROI of your activities, and to understand how well you are performing against business goals.


Campaign Effectiveness

Understand quickly which campaigns are performing well and why so that you can clone your best marketing campaigns. Integrate data from multiple sources for deeper insight.


Revenue Attribution

Combine multiple data sources, such as CRM, e-commerce and accounting with your marketing data to see which marketing activities are driving growth.


Content Performance

See the metrics you need to understand the performance of your key marketing assets such as your website, landing pages, forms, emails, calls-to-action, and more.


Social Media Engagement

Understand social media engagement patterns across your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc., and discover the key influencers driving important conversations your brand should be part of.

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Human Resources


The need to attract, retain and motivate the best people for your business has never been greater, but are you taking an analytical approach to this challenge?  Give your managers the insight they need to create high-performance teams.


Hiring Activity Dashboard

The right activities when measured effectively will change outcomes.  At a glance gain insight into hiring momentum, see which jobs or receiving the most interest and compare recruiter results.


Performance Review Benchmarking

Quickly slice and dice data to understand what makes the best performers the best.  Compare performance review stats over time, across functions or roles.  Clone your best performers.


Recruitment Pipeline Management

See your entire recruitment pipeline visualized and compared with hiring targets at a glance. Filter data by role, by department, by age etc., to adjust approaches and improve outcomes.


Employee Retention

How can you keep the best people?  Use interactive visualizations to highlight patterns that cause people to leave. Now you can make better decisions to prevent employee retention.

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