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Does ESG + ERP Make for a Better Planet?

Enterprise Resource Planning | 5 min read

Richard Pepper argues that ERP can play its part in shaping the future where companies perform ESG reporting regularly and have serious sustainability goals.

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A Guide to ESG Reporting Frameworks

| 5 min read

An in-depth guide to the main ESG Reporting Frameworks and how they can assist businesses to have a better action plan and attract investors.

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ESG Reporting: Where Should You Start?

| 5 min read

Don't know where to start with ESG? In this blog, we cover the steps needed to start ESG reporting, and how you can maximize ESG reporting solutions.

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What Is ESG and Why Should You Care?

| 5 min read

This comprehensive blog will discuss ESG, who’s using it, and why businesses like you should care about it.

Top 7 Strategies for Strategic Workforce Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning | 5 min read

With strategic workforce planning and an experienced HR team, you can tackle every obstacle that your business may face in the future.

ERP - back to basics

Enterprise Resource Planning | 5 min read

To determine whether an ERP upgrade is worth your money and effort, here are the top 10  reasons to modernize your ERP system.

Vision AI Service in Oracle Data Lakehouse

Analytics | 4 min read

A look at the Vision AI Service, one of the OCI pre-trained models that can be custom trained with an organization’s own data to improve model quality.

Healthcare AI – a Failure of Ambition Part 1 & 2

Analytics | 7 min read

In this blog, Alex Jennings argues that the way AI in healthcare has been approached has paradoxically been both too ambitious, and not ambitious enough. This...

Working with Data Catalog in Oracle Data Lakehouse

Analytics | 5 min read

An overview of Data Catalog, a single collaborative environment to manage technical, business, and operational metadata.

Earth to Planet Earth, do you copy?

| 2 min read

A different perspective on Earth Day by Richard Pepper. No discounts on offer.

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