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Healthcare AI – a Failure of Ambition Part 3

Analytics | 6 min read

If we want to be ambitious for Healthcare AI, we should use it to transform healthcare itself and improve the health of populations.

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Waterfall or Agile - which project management methodology is better?

| 5 min read

We explore the differences between Waterfall and Agile project management methodologies and highlight the key factors you should consider when choosing.

ESG Reporting

Oracle EPM Clients Accelerate ESG Reporting

| 5 min read

Existing Oracle EPM Cloud clients already have the total ESG reporting platform for ESG target setting, reporting, and execution.

The Future of Qubix Academy

| 3 min read

Qubix Academy Oracle training video library of 210 videos is now available free of charge on the Qubix YouTube channel.


7 Pitfalls of ESG Reporting

| 5 min read

In this blog, we discuss seven of the most common mistakes businesses make when engaging in ESG reporting on their sustainability efforts.

Analytics ERP

Does Data Analytics Make Your ERP System Better?

Analytics Enterprise Resource Planning | 5 min read

Adding Analytics on top of ERP requires a considerable effort, but could provide multi-faceted benefits by allowing more to be made of the data collected.

ESG Trends for 2023

8 ESG Trends to Watch in 2023

| 5 min read

As we move into 2023, we expect to see continued progress in sustainability reporting. Here are some of the top ESG reporting trends to watch out for.

ESG ERP Earth Day

Does ESG + ERP Make for a Better Planet?

Enterprise Resource Planning | 5 min read

How ERP can play its part in shaping the future where companies perform ESG reporting regularly and have serious sustainability goals.

ESG Image

A Guide to ESG Reporting Frameworks

| 5 min read

An in-depth guide to the main ESG Reporting Frameworks and how they can assist businesses to have a better action plan and attract investors.

ESG Image

ESG Reporting: Where Should You Start?

| 5 min read

Don't know where to start with ESG? In this blog, we cover the steps needed to start ESG reporting, and how you can maximize ESG reporting solutions.

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