A New Identity, A New Qubix

The truth is we have been underplaying our capabilities and the value we deliver to our clients. We've been thinking too small. We haven't recognized the complexity of the problems we have solved and the authentic experience we have delivered our clients while doing so. This is the moment to change.


Did we lack belief?

Possibly. On countless occasions, we've been invited to fix what our competitors claimed they could do, but failed to deliver. We've grown weary of the "Big Four" being awarded great trust and financial rewards, only to listen to our clients later express their deep regret and disappointments. And it's not just a feeling, it's tangible, expensive, failure with costly repercussions.

We've also taken a back seat to Oracle Consulting whose clients place faith in them because they are the principal and more to lose if a project goes wrong. The problem is they sometimes only see things through the lens of the Oracle product, and this has the potential to impact the best path forward. We have seen this in situations where co-existence alongside SAP and Microsoft, critical platforms our clients deploy is important.

We feel the frustration when a client spends 2.2 times more with our competition but don't see the 2x returns they expected.
About Qubix (July 2019) New Brand


Why Change? Why Now?

It's time to tell the Qubix story confidently and in full. We have made the mistake of not being authentic to who we really are. We haven't told the story of the benefits we deliver our clients and, most importantly, showcased the incredible talent of our team.

Our world is that of Oracle ERP, EPM and Analytics, and we match or better the skills of the world's largest consultancies. We have redesigned business processes to improve efficiencies by 80%+. We have designed, built and supported some of the world's most complex Oracle EPM and Analytics solutions. We are trusted by businesses in the FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 globally. There isn't an Oracle ERP, EPM or Analytics challenge we can't rise too.

We believe now is the time to change the market by providing a compelling alternative to the status quo.


Intelligence & Innovation

If Netflix changed how you consume content and Uber changed how you move from A to B, then Qubix will transform your experience of Oracle powered business change.

It might be how Qubix CloudBridge dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of data integration and data management that impresses you. Or how Qubix Academy transforms change management and user adoption by reinventing the accessibility of training.  It might be Q.vate™ our proven approach for delivering repeatable customer success. Whatever it is, the new Qubix will dramatically shift your Oracle enterprise consultancy experience.

Yes, we design and deploy Oracle ERP, EPM and Analytics solutions, but we do this with new intelligence and innovation that has the potential to disrupt everything you thought about how Oracle solutions can be deployed.


Try the New Qubix

Have an open mind. This isn't just marketing-speak. We have 1,000+ successful engagements (visit our client's page), and references that are the envy of our competition. But the main reason to try the New Qubix is our incredible team.

We are a body of people driven to authentically serve our clients in ways that are deeply honest and underpinned by an exceptional drive to innovate and to meet and exceed expectations.

At Qubix new is now. We invite you to explore our latest thinking and capabilities, to get in touch and ask us why Qubix?

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