Business process automation (BPA, interchangeable with robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent process automation (IPA…no, not everyone’s favorite brew of the week)) is the fastest-growing enterprise software category at the moment, growing at 63%.  BPA is the process of automating workflows, infrastructure, and back-office processes.  BPA software BOTS interact with your website, internal and external portals, and existing applications.  BPA’s promise is to replace repetitive, boring clerical work as the software mimics keystrokes or executes a sequence of commands defined by business rules.  After all, who enjoys conducting mundane highly repetitive task in the first place?  These tasks are often where mistakes are made due to the sheer energy-draining, mind-numbing work associated with these tasks.  

While some organizations might deploy BPA to replace some of its human workforce, the creative organization uses technologies like BPA to drive innovation.  The fact is that you are freeing up your labor force to do more interesting, qualitative work.  Humans have a distinct advantage over BOTS when it comes to human interaction, problem-solving, and strategy.  It is the opinion of this blogger to let the human talent shine in these cases. 

Will businesses deploy BPA just to make their worker’s live easier?  The answer is obviously, NO.  However, organizations that have deployed BPA have realized an ROI of 30%-300%, seen process improvements, have increases in productivity, quality, improved customer service, and more adherence to compliance.  In the end, organizations who deploy automation technologies such as BPA, will have a clear competitive advantage over those that do not. 

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