What's new with Qubix Cloudbridge Khaju 3.3 Release? 

We're pleased to announce Cloudbridge Khaju 3.3 Release featuring powerful new tools and functionality including a Visual Process Builder and a spreadsheet-like Data Table Editor.

We're pleased to announce some shiny new feature updates in Khaju 3.3 release of Cloudbridge. But before we dive in, we're hosting a new monthly product tour for users and non-users who are interested in learning more about Qubix Cloudbridge.

Join us for just 30-minutes on Tuesday, March 3rd as we explore the key features and capabilities of Cloudbridge. Learn how Qubix Cloudbridge can reduce the cost and time of Oracle data integration by 40%.

Get all the facts and ask your questions to Senior Product Manager, Edward Ramsden at Qubix directly.

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Now that basic housekeeping is out the way, onto the shiny new things as promised. 👨‍💻👩‍💻


Manage your Oracle estate with speed and ease using the Visual Process Builder

CB Data Flow High Level (1200 x 850)

Figure 1: High-level view

The Cloudbridge Process-Builder

CB - Job Builder Zoomed In View

Figure 2: Close-up view

The Process Builder is provided with a comprehensive library of pre-built tasks, including modules for Essbase, PBCS, Oracle databases and the OAC platform. Combined with the point and click user interface, it’s quick to design and schedule processes using proven tools, and the detailed real-time logging shows you exactly what’s happening.


Edit your Data Tables as easily as spreadsheets

Cloudbridge Chart of Accounts ERP

Figure 3: Edit Chart of Accounts from ERP using a spreadsheet-like interface

We’ve provided a brand-new table editor for your data tables, making editing a table in Cloudbridge as easy as using a spreadsheet. Copying and pasting multiple cells, scrolling through large datasets and filtering the view are all familiar actions for any user of Excel.

You can also import and export data to CSV files making it easy to exchange your data with other applications.


See all your activity at a glance via Centralised Visual Dashboard

CB Dashboard (1200 x 850)

Figure 4: Centralised visual activity dashboard

The homepage of Cloudbridge now presents a dashboard that shows you all the key information you need. You can see all the jobs scheduled to run over the next month, as well as the status and execution times of recent jobs. There’s also a live stream of what Cloudbridge is doing right now, so you can track the progress of any process that’s currently running.


Get training and assistance at a click of a button using Search for Help

Cloudbridge Help

Figure 5: Search for Help chat box

The help menu in Cloudbridge is now the Help Centre. As well as the ability to as questions of the online documentation, you can now submit tickets to the support team and suggest new features.


Introducing online self-paced training for Qubix Cloudbridge

Cloudbridge Training

Figure 6: Qubix Academy training portal

Your Cloudbridge subscription now also includes access to an online self-paced training course hosted in our Qubix Academy training portal.


Download Khaju 3.3 Release Notes pdf:


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Successful organizations need data fluidity. Cloudbridge functions as the central hub through which all data and processes flow - empowering users to build and automate all flows from a single place with speed and ease.


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