Oracle Verify Cloudbridge for Autonomous Data Warehouse 

Qubix is pleased to announce that Oracle has included Cloudbridge on the Autonomous Data Warehouse Tools and Application Test Matrix, confirming that the product has been tested and verified on Autonomous Data Warehouse.

Cloudbridge is Qubix’s leading data orchestration application that enables our customers to build and manage end-to-end data flows throughout their organization. Using Cloudbridge, businesses can create and schedule data flow processes, establish and manage a golden source for master data, and implement change approval workflows.

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Image: Visual Process Builder close-up view.

Cloudbridge Chart of Accounts ERP

Image: Spreadsheet-like Data Table Editor.

CB Dashboard (1200 x 850)

Image: Cloudbridge activities Dashboard.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse provides a fully autonomous database that easily scales capacity up and down, delivers fast query performance, and requires no database administration. It enables customers to quickly adjust to changing workload requirements and lower their costs based on actual resource utilization.

Qubix Cloudbridge provides an extensive library of tools to connect Autonomous Data Warehouse to your business’s other applications for easy data integration. It also provides a fully-featured table editor that makes editing tables in Autonomous Data Warehouse as easy as using a spreadsheet.

By combining the data processing power of Autonomous Data Warehouse and the rich data orchestration and management feature set of Cloudbridge, businesses can rapidly build a powerful integrated data management solution.

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