Oracle EPM On-Prem 11.2 - Key facts, release details and more

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This blog will outline the key facts regarding Oracle EPM 11.2 including Oracle's Applications Unlimited, release dates and other key announcements.


Hyperion EPM joins Oracle Applications Unlimited

Oracle announced its “Continuous Innovation” release model for Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) System 11.2 in June 2019. Following from this, on-going applications and underlying technology stack updates are delivered without a significant upgrade. Enhancements to Hyperion EPM are completely driven by customer needs and priorities. Oracle argues this approach is a more agile delivery mechanism with smaller releases for easier adoption. Hyperion EPM is the latest product to join Applications Unlimited after E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne respectively.

What this means:

Commitment to customers

    • Oracle Premier Support through at least 2030
    • Annual review to decide whether or not to extend Premier Support for an additional year to enable continuous innovation releases for on-premises applications

Commitment to product

    • Transparent product road mapping
    • On-going R&D investment

Commitment to innovation

    • Receive on-going features
    • Run the same application on-premises or in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS)

Key benefits:

  • Gain peace of mind with no surprises 
  • New features without upgrades
  • No forced migrations
  • Ample time for future planning, budgeting and allocating resources
  • Tailor to your organisation's business and IT strategy
  • Get more value from existing application enhancements


EPM Architect (EPMA) no longer available 

  • EPMA will not be available as a foundation component of EPM 11.2 and beyond
  • How about existing deployments of EPM Architect?
    • Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM) will be provided under a restricted use license to support EPM Hyperion (on-premises only) dimension management
    • EPM Architect users may also consider converting to "classic"
    • Oracle Support will provide a migration guide and scripts to assist in the dimension extraction from EPMA to DRM
  • Qubix Cloudbridge Data Integration and Master Data Management tool can help customers looking for DRM alternatives


On-premises releases:

Hyperion EPM Release

    • Premier Support through December 2021

Hyperion EPM Release 11.2

    • Now available (released: 18 December 2019)
    • Uplift to WebLogic 12c and Java 1.8
    • Repository simplification (released previously in and cloud)
    • On-going release for all Defect Fixing, 3rd party certification upgrades and enhancements through at least 2030


EPM 11.2 migration process:

  • “Out of Place” Migration
  • High Level Flow
    • Install 11.2 on new hardware with supported OS, pre-reqs
    • Use LCM from to migrate application(s), artifact(s), etc to 11.2
    • Similar process to previous releases
  • Please note, LCMs from only are supported


Hyperion EPM On-Prem product/features discontinued in 11.2

Hyperion Financial Management

    • Financial Management Analytics
    • Essbase Analytics link for Hyperion Financial Management
    • Quantitative Management and Reporting for Solvency

Hyperion BI+

    • Interactive Reporting
    • Production Reporting
    • Web Analysis

Hyperion Planning

    • Hyperion Strategic Finance
    • Crystal Ball (replaced by Predictive Planning)
    • Simplified User Interface
    • Workforce Planning
    • Capital Expense Planning
    • Project Financial Planning
    • Offline Planning


    • EPM Architect
    • Disclosure Management
    • EPM Mobile

Oracle EPM 11.2.x planned features 

Hyperion Financial Management 

    • Automated Consolidations (configured by admin)
    • Native Metadata Editor (replaces metadata management)
    • Purging source tables after import
    • Performance improvements (SV, DB batch processing, etc.)

EPM Infrastructure

    • Additional 3rd party certifications

Hyperion Planning

    • Smart Push
    • Dimension Editor SV extension
    • Extended Attribute support
    • Valid intersections

Data Relationship Management 

    • Batch scripts to ease EPMA replacement
    • Enhanced DRG experience
    • DRG mass approvals
    • SFTP Connection


Decision time: Should you upgrade to EPM 11.2

There are a few technical catalysts for upgrading from to 11.2, which include:

  • Oracle Hyperion products - end of support for 11.1.2.x (Dec. 2021)
  • End of support for the underlying operating system (Windows and Linux)
  • End of support for database server (SQL Server and Oracle Database)
  • Different compatibility needs end-user access (Microsoft Office, OS, Browser)


How about moving to Oracle EPM Cloud?

The release of 11.2 is also an opportunity to migrate workloads to Oracle Cloud. This means no more worrying about future upgrades or support expiration dates. However, the cloud may not be the best option for everyone; some on-premises environments are too mature to migrate to the cloud without considerable complexity and cost. Qubix can help by providing a free Cloud Readiness Assessment that recommends the best route to the cloud for your organisation. This could be refactoring work that addresses current on-premises issues or an intelligent progression to the cloud, which may involve a 'lift and transform' approach as part of your cloud migration. Get in touch with us to discuss your cloud migration choices and options.


Considering moving to the cloud? Cloud Migration services (Value 2 Cloud)

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