Over one hundred years since its construction, the Solkan Bridge in Slovenia continues to hold the record for the longest stone railway bridge in the world. Connecting Italy and Slovenia across the Isonzo River, its durability saw it survive two bombing raids in the Second World War. These qualities of connectivity and solidity, combined with its position as a world leader, made Solkan an appropriate name to apply to the new version 3.0 release of Qubix Cloudbridge - a release that adds powerful enterprise features to our original vision of an application that creates robust connections between cloud and on-premises data.

Secure Your Data at Every Level

Qubix Cloudbridge 3.0 introduces powerful and flexible security for your data at every stage. The addition of single-sign-on logins allows organizations to integrate Cloudbridge with their Active Directory security policy. The new role-based security model is easy to set up and maintain, with a drag-and-drop interface to assign access rights for every part of the application. The application administrator can quickly define which groups can edit data, run data load tasks, maintain the job scheduler and much more. Even more powerfully than this, if you are using Cloudbridge to maintain metadata hierarchies, you can not only define access rights to the hierarchy as a whole, but also to each level within it. So group A could edit a certain level of the chart of accounts, whilst group B could only view it, and group C have no access at all. Qubix Cloudbridge gives you full control over access to your data.

Maintain Visibility and Control Over Your Data

Qubix Cloudbridge has always maintained a record of every change made to your data, so that snapshots could be compared and changes rolled back. With release 3.0, we’ve taken this feature even further by adding a multi-level change approval process. You can now define  compulsory approvals workflows for each dimension or table. These approvals workflows contain one or more approvals steps, with a list of individuals who must approve any changes made to the dimension or table. If a change is made, the approvers will be notified by email. A new dashboard in Cloudbridge makes it easy for the approvers to see what changes have been made, and then approve and reject them. All of these actions are recorded in an audit log, so a full historical record is kept for compliance purposes.

Creating a Rich Editing Experience

Do you need to check and edit a table in a source or staging database? This used to involve importing and exporting data to Excel, or purchasing and installing a third-party database editor. Qubix Cloudbridge 3.0 gives you the ability to look at the tables in your databases using a rich editing experience. It’s easy to apply filters to multiple columns in the table and find the particular rows that you need. Columns can be editing using pick-lists of permitted values - or you can even select from a multi-level hierarchy for a richer experience. Combining the powerful new table editing module with the existing drag-and-drop hierarchy editor makes Cloudbridge the ideal tool for your data management and orchestration needs.

Learn more about Qubix Cloudbridge and contact us to take a look at the new release here

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