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Market Basket Analysis Series

Analytics | 1 min read

In a short series of blog posts, Ziga Vaupot outlines capabilities of Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics for Market Basket Analysis.

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Market basket analysis - association rules and recommendations

Association Rules and Recommendations with Oracle Analytics

Analytics | 2 min read

Ziga Vaupot completes Market Basket Analysis with Association Rules and Recommendations feature in Oracle Analytics.

How to visualise Market Basket Analysis in Oracle Analytics?

In this video post, Ziga Vaupot demonstrates how frequent itemsets and recommended items are visualised using Sankey and Network graphs.

Oracle Analytics 5.9: Frequent Itemsets

Analytics | 3 min read

Market Basket Analysis is now included in Oracle Analytics version 5.9. Frequent Itemsets analysis is used for sets of products frequently bought together.

Anomaly Detection in Oracle Analytics

Analytics | 1 min read

Anomaly Detection in Oracle Analytics


Market Basket Analysis with Oracle Machine Learning & Oracle Analytics

Analytics | 5 min read

Ziga Vaupot gives a tutorial on how to create Market Basket Analysis ML model using Oracle Machine Learning in Oracle ADW and how to use the model for...

Ward to Board Analytics at Gloucester NHS Trust

Analytics | 3 min read

Delivering ward to board analytics at Gloucester NHS Trust with Analytics template solution.

Blog - Post-Webcast Speaker Insights (social sharing)

Countdown to IR35: Dedicated Blog Series - Post-Webcast Insights

Analytics | 3 min read

Read the key speaker insights from our Countdown to IR35 webcast and learn how Qubix enables the 'consultancy carve-out' that can protect end clients.

Image - IR35 Calendar

Countdown to IR35 - Dedicated Blog Series

Analytics | 2 min read

IR35 is coming to the private sector. Learn what it means for your organisation and how Qubix can help you be prepared for the April 2020 deadline.

Cloud Copify 210 Social

Finding the Best Unified, Cloud-Based Advanced Analytics Platform

Analytics | 2 min read

Finding the best cloud-based advanced analytics platform is no easy task. We here at Qubix can help you spend more time running your business, and less time,...

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