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Accelerate Your Journey to the Cloud with Qubix

Let us unravel the complexities of moving from on-premises to Oracle EPM and Business Analytics Cloud and guide your Journey to Cloud.

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Modernize Your Business: Start Your Journey to Cloud

The Cloud is not the future. It's already here. Let us unravel the complexities of moving from legacy on-premises applications to Oracle EPM and Business Analytics Cloud with Boarding Pass to Cloud.

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Avoid Late Arrival, the Time to Change Is Now

Embracing a Cloud first Digital Strategy will lead to a competitive edge. Today's leaders are expected to not just monitor performance, but to recommend a future direction. Only those who embrace modern Enterprise Performance Management and Analytics systems on the Cloud will be able to capitalize on future trends. The time to change is now.

The question is no longer to Cloud or not to Cloud:




of finance leaders have executive commitment to deliver Cloud Transformation. 




of finance leaders are either: a) planning to implement Cloud, or b.) already moved the Cloud. 




of finance leaders now utilize Business Analytics in their Planning and Budgeting process. 

1. Aberdeen Research, 2015

Adopt a Forward-Looking Approach, Reap the Rewards

Organizations that fail to pivot to the Cloud will fail to achieve the agility they need to succeed. Those who have embraced digitization have revenues, profit margins and a stock price 20-30% higher than laggards.  

Cloud Leaders will unlock the following benefits: 

2. McKinsey, 2015

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Out-of-the-Box Agility

Cloud allows you to start with a small low risk investment and grow with the business, just like our Fixed-Scope plans.
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First to innovation

Innovation is constantly delivered on the Cloud making sure you can always take advantage of best practice capability.
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Significant cost savings

No infrastructure costs, no annual maintenance, avoid IT dependency and significantly lower total-cost-of-ownership.
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However, An Effective Journey to Cloud Requires Careful Navigation

Which means success isn't simply choosing the Cloud, it's also choosing the right partner. 

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Many partners offer Cloud migrations. However, only Qubix has a proven track record in challenging how customers think about their business problems. 

  • Data orchestration with CloudBridge
  • Rapid cloud deployments with QuickStart
  • Industry-benchmarking with Deep Consulting

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It's not about the technology, it's about producing results. At Qubix, we start by analyzing your most important business needs so we deliver on your requirements.

  • What's Right for You approach
  • Maximize your returns
  • Faster time-to-benefit
  • Deliver as promised

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We're Oracle's leading EPM and Business Analytics Cloud Partner. We have over 1k engagements with a 100% success rate in Cloud.

  • Oracle Platinum Partner since 2002
  • Oracle Certified Consultants
  • Oracle Business Analytics Partner of the Year

Your Boarding Pass to the Cloud with Qubix

Leverage our proven journey to cloud methodology's end-to-end capabilities. We map your journey and provide industry specific insights to ensure your cloud solution is outcome-driven, simplified, and most importantly, remarkable.

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It starts with the unique Qubix Needs Analysis Bot, an app that automates and streamlines the assessment of your readiness to move to cloud.

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We share our Cloud Readiness Grade and your personalized Cloud Journey Plan to map your journey to cloud. At this stage, you're ready for take-off.

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Take advantage of our free training and extended support to maximize the value you receive after your cloud journey is complete.

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Start Your Journey

Choose your Boarding Pass to Cloud. We start by giving you access to our Needs Analysis Bot and end with your Cloud Journey Plan. Why wait? It's free.

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Access the Needs Analysis Bot

Our Needs Analysis Bot app streamlines the assessment of your readiness to move to cloud.

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Receive your Cloud Readiness Grade

Once you complete the Needs Analysis Bot you will receive your cloud readiness grade.

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Personalized Cloud Journey Plan

Your cloud journey mapped out, detailing key considerations such as time & costs.

Get Your Cloud Readiness Grade

Practical Guides to Cloud OnBoarding

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Cloud on-boarding

Boarding Pass to Cloud • White Paper

Deep-dive into the compelling benchmarking evidence that illustrates the clear strategic and economic advantages of adopting the Cloud.

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cloud on-boarding

Boarding Pass to Cloud • Data Sheet

Get the key facts and information about our Boarding Pass to Cloud program. Learn more about offering details, key phases, and more.

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cloud on-boarding

On-Premises to Cloud • FAQ 

We anticipated some of your key questions about moving from on-premises to Cloud and how we can help you overcome those reservations.

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