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Business Continuity Design

Q.protect is a business continuity and risk mitigation service that reduces key person dependency, removes systems risk, and increases operational reliability.

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Our clients are asking us to be ready to help them when they need us most, in times of emergency and when uptime is critical to them.

Accounting and finance teams play an essential role in the management and performance of any business, irrespective of its size and nature. 

Many of these teams have become dependent on key staff and systems, and many processes can become single points of failure (SPOF). In challenging times, forecasting, closing the books, generating month-end reports, or generating new budgets can be at risk.

Q.protect Highlights:

  • Review of current systems documentation and creation of enhancement documentation: Q.protect Run-Books
  • Knowledge Transfer to Qubix Managed Services team for just-in-case support
  • Process continuity assessment and recommendations
  • Key people risk scoring and recommendations
  • Emergency resourcing - available with 24 hours notice
  • Lights-on operation of core finance processes
  • Application and platform improvement recommendations
  • No contract commitments required, we can bill daily based on your budget

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  • Q.protect Benefits

    Peace of mind.

    Keep critical systems running when you need them most, and gain flexible access to interim expert staff.