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Client Success Story: TJX Australia Moves from on-premises Hyperion Planning to Oracle Cloud

3. Extreme Finance Customer Pres April 2020

This clip was taken from our TJX Customer Story webcast, watch the full video here.
Engagement Summary:
TJX Australia (a subsidiary of TJX Companies Inc) is a clothing retailer that depends on timely and insightful data to navigate a volatile and highly competitive retail market. The company has 56 stores and is experiencing high growth with plans to open 10 stores a year. TJX sells everything from men's and women's apparel, homeware, accessories and beauty products.
TJX Australia began their story with The Qubix Group in 2010, the company was expanding quickly, but their spreadsheet-based planning and budgeting process couldn't scale to keep pace with their business. Updating actuals and rolling models for new periods/cycles was a laborious and tedious process. The spreadsheet models were large, complex and often relied on a key person to understand them. Version control, logic errors and broken links were preventing the finance team from focusing on value-added activities. Consolidating/aggregating data was accomplished by "pasting" information from numerous spreadsheets and data sources. There was minimal automation between their ERP system and planning process. Yet, the business was continuing to open new stores and more stakeholders needed finance to produce accurate and timely data to support growth decisions.
To help TJX Australia, Qubix designed and implemented a new on-premises Hyperion Planning application. The solution equipped the finance team with models to plan their P&L, BS, CF periodically and sales targets by store by day. This system served the business well for 8 years, until the decision was made in 2018 to migrate to the cloud in an effort to capture the cost-savings, new innovations and scalability of Oracle EPM Cloud.

Project Impact:

  • Agility and insight at scale. Five or ten Excel workbooks is manageable, but running 20+ is not a solution for a fast-growing business. Oracle EPM Cloud provided TJX Australia with a robust and centralised platform to create plans and models without compromising on collaboration and data sharing. Better yet, Oracle Smart View empowers analysts and planners to conduct ad-hoc analysis using the Excel interface without taking data out of the system.
  • Greater automation. Moving to the cloud unlocks new possibilities to automate routine tasks that frees-up time for your finance team to focus on value-add activities. Using Qubix Cloudbridge, TJX has automated actuals updates, new member additions (e.g. cost centres, accounts and more), and other metadata. This is has led to new initiatives relating to robotic process automation and AI/ML.
  • Immediate innovation. Leverage automatic monthly software updates and new capabilities released by Oracle.
  • Cloud accessibility. No downtime, no in-house IT assistance post-migration, no more manual backups. All systems are owned and administered by finance.


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