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CFO value creation

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The role of the CFO is changing to one of innovator and disruptor. Technology advancement is enabling a pivot from “back office” duties to high-impact digital transformation and a driver of profitable growth. As the pace of change accelerates and expectations of CEOs and boards increase, the evolution of the CFO to that of a business value creator accelerates.

Qubix has partnered with finance leaders for more than twenty years across more than thirty industries globally to accelerate CFO value creation in specific activities focused on automation, data-driven insights, finance function effectiveness and intelligent finance. Our capabilities cross the intersection of business and technology with specializations in enterprise-scale digital finance systems design and implementation.

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Automation is a core pillar in the modern CFOs toolbox to drive operational excellence and more profitable growth. Automation will improve productivity and allow employees to use critical thinking and creativity to add more value. Data-driven insights are perhaps the most obvious way in which the reimagined CFO can increase enterprise value. The ability to orchestrate rich and complex data sets, to analyze potential investments and to assess plans and strategies objectively is critical.

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Advanced Analytics
We design and implement enterprise analytics platforms to support the CFO’s ability to capture, structure and make better use of data. Deploy Qubix CloudBridge to solve the challenges of data management and integration and use the Qubix “Decision-by-Design” an innovative new approach to designing analytics more effectively to support accelerated data-driven decisions.

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Platform Intelligence
We know how to extract the maximum value from key technology platforms such as EPM, ERP and Enterprise Analytics to provide a backbone for reinventing finance systems. We help clients transform their businesses using Oracle ERP Cloud to digitally transform and modernize finance from a cost center to a revenue generator.

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Process Automation
A substantial amount of backward-looking accounting activity can be automated with limited to no human intervention. The Qubix Q-vate™, intelligent ERP services and automation tools will help CFOs to identify and automate core processes across ERP, EPM and analytics-enabled functions. Productivity increases by 50% or more are possible, and core processes like the financial close can be reduced to a handful of days.

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Project Resourcing
CFOs continue to require a more efficient and effective finance function that can serve the needs of the business with greater agility. Qubix can assist in several ways to deliver this outcome by providing highly skilled resources to augment projects or engage our finance function effectiveness program to implement enhanced finance processes, enabled by new technologies, and upskill talent ready for the digital age.

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cfo value creation

Intelligent finance now

Intelligent finance is no longer a future promise; it is here today. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are radically transforming how a business operates, especially finance. Routine tasks are automated so that finance professionals can focus on what matters most: identifying the next growth markets.  Qubix can guide forward-thinking CFOs to intelligent finance systems today.

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Qubix is awarded Oracle EMEA Analytics Partner of the Year

Qubix has been awarded the Oracle EMEA Analytics Partner of the Year in recognition of its achievements in delivering innovative solutions to Oracle customers.

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Qubix CloudBridge

The Finance Data Orchestration Hub

Qubix CloudBridge enables full data integration between your on-premises data sources and Oracle Cloud applications.


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