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A distinctive set of tools and capabilities that drives the adoption of new ways of working by individuals and teams.

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A modern approach to driving adoption of change

Success at transformation demands more than the best strategic and tactical plans, the traditional focus of senior executives and the army of management consultants they spend millions with. We have proven that a more practical approach, combined with an intimate understanding of the human side of change, creates improved outcomes. We shift the priority to the personal benefits for individuals when they adopt and embrace change.

Everyone agrees that effective communications are crucial to the success of change, but how this happens makes a difference. The Qubix approach modernizes change communications using modern social-media style platforms and apps, making information flows less formal and more social, enhancing engagement and shifting mindsets.

Change Management

A pillar of our Q.vate™ methodology, we support our clients with tools and consultants who can relate to the individuals and teams impacted by the change. The Qubix Project App creates a familiar social platform for sharing and engaging teams, connecting change leaders, key stakeholders and core teams in timely and transparent discussion.

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Q.vate™ methodology
With 1,000+ engagements, we have learned what excellence looks like and used this experience to develop the Q.vate™ methodology, a combination of IP and know-how. We take a fresh view on change management by focusing on the core drivers that deliver successful adoption of new ways of working. We have charted a clear course that provides the vision needed to effect change.

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Online Platform
We use modern online platforms, including an online project and change tracking tool to shape how we communicate change. The application increases visibility, improves planning, encourages collaboration and streamlines project workflows. The result is a centralized hub where everyone is on the same page and adoption of change accelerates.

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Change Apps
The modern workforce requires a new way of communicating and interacting. Qubix Academy is a sophisticated platform for training on new systems and methods of working that is available throughout the change program. The app can be accessed from mobile devices anytime and from anywhere.

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Project Resourcing
Business leaders need to prepare their teams for change and have the agility to inject new thinking to accelerate impact. Qubix delivers this outcome in several ways: providing highly skilled resources to augment projects or utilizing our function effectiveness program to upskill talent for the digital age.

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change management

User adoption now

Change is essential for growth, but forcing change without bringing people along for the journey will result in failure. The Qubix approach focuses on user experience design thinking, which puts the emphasis back on more direct user adoption priorities. This innovation-led, design approach is a core trait of how Qubix thinks. 

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Qubix has been awarded the Oracle EMEA Analytics Partner of the Year in recognition of its achievements in delivering innovative solutions to Oracle customers.

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Qubix CloudBridge

The Finance Data Orchestration Hub

Qubix CloudBridge enables full data integration between your on-premises data sources and Oracle Cloud applications.


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