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Finance Transformation

Attains Financial and Human Capital Management carve-out prior to parent company buy-out.

Energy and Chemicals Advisory Company separates itself from its parent company to enable independent growth using Oracle Fusion ERP and HCM.


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EML payments hero
Finance Transformation

Upgrades to Oracle NetSuite EPBCS and leverages Qubix Cloudbridge to boost performance

EML Payments upgrades to Oracle NetSuite EPBCS and leverages Qubix Cloudbridge with impressive performance improvements.

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Everise hero

Replaces complex, un-manageable Excel with collaborative & automated Reporting

Everise streamlines and automates its financial reporting process with a best-in-class solution.

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A2B Australia hero-1
Finance Transformation

Combines ERP financial data with operational data from non-ERP systems to derive metrics for seamless Planning and Reporting

A2B Australia combines financial data from the ERP system with various operational data from non-ERP systems to derive financial and operational metrics for seamless Planning and Reporting.

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NOW finance hero 2
Finance Transformation

Replaces complex spreadsheets with automated Planning and Reporting

NOW Finance replaces un-manageable spreadsheet solution with NetSuite Planning and Budgeting.

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Angel Trains
Enterprise Analytics

Moves from Oracle on-premises to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Angel Trains moves from on-premises to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to stay on top of innovation, reduce costs and improve agility.


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Finance Transformation

Migrates to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

dunnhumby moves to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a first step in their overall strategy to migrate to the cloud.

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car image
Finance Transformation

Eliminates its Planning reliance on spreadsheets.

European division of one of the world's largest car manufacturers streamlines its planning process with automated data flows, financial and management consolidation.


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Finance Transformation

Automates planning and budgeting with Oracle EPM Cloud

Memjet desired automation of their manual budgeting and forecasting solution to replace the manual processes performed in Excel.


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Mizuho EPM
Finance Transformation

Upgrades its Oracle technology to reduce operational risk and gain significant benefits.

Mizuho upgrades its Oracle technology to remain supported, reduce operational risk and take advantage of the latest patches and features.

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Online banking
Finance Transformation

Moves from on-premises Essbase to the cloud

US East Coast Financial Services company moves on-premises Essbase to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


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Rugby School
Finance Transformation

Takes control of its planning and reporting

One of the oldest independent schools in Britain boosts its Oracle Planning Cloud application to the next level.


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DMC Group
Finance Transformation

Moves beyond spreadsheet-based consolidation and close

The world-famous French embroidery company
automates its financial close using Oracle EPM Cloud.


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Finance Transformation

Modernizes global planning and budgeting

Worldwide review and redesign of planning, budgeting and forecasting processes and core finance systems.  Driver-based planning supported by significant levels of automation and data management.

Luceco plc SEO
Finance Transformation

Finds financial close efficiency and speed

Luceco plc adopts Oracle EPM Cloud to unify and revamp its financial consolidation and close processes.

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Baxters Food Group SEO
Finance Transformation

Migrates data integration functions to Qubix Cloudbridge

Baxters Food Group migrates its data integration and master data management functions to Qubix Cloudbridge.

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Barclays Bank
Enterprise Analytics

Revamps core workforce planning processes

Barclays Bank enhances its workforce, cost allocations and project planning processes for greater transparency and control.   

Vodafone Case Study Image SEO
Finance Transformation

Finance systems design and support

Finance systems design and operational support.  Expert advice and implementation to optimize core financial planning and reporting applications.

MB Retail Group 2
Enterprise Analytics

Rapid sales insights

A near real-time solution that tracks sales versus forecast and provides comprehensive management reporting that drives timely insights to impact sales performance.

Canon 2 SEO
Enterprise Analytics

Advanced ERP analytics

Designed and deployed advanced analytics cubes that deliver financial, profitability and headcount insights.  Data orchestration with Oracle ERP powered by Qubix CloudBridge.

Finance Transformation

Clearer costing insights with narrative reporting

Investec achieved greater visibility by using narrative reporting to understand quantitative and qualitative information relating to costs.

Finance Transformation

Improves visibility in group profitability

Schroders uses planning and budgeting in the cloud to get a better picture of profitability across its businesses and employee costs.

American Eagle Outfitters SEO
Enterprise Analytics

Enhanced cost allocation insights

Design of costs allocation models across retail and online platforms to improve insight into costs and profitability.

Luxottica Cloud
Finance Transformation

Enables forecasts at every level across hundreds of stores

Luxottica adopts cloud-based planning, budgeting, and forecasting to support daily, weekly, and monthly forecasts and enables driver-based budgeting.

Finance Transformation

Transforms planning in the cloud

YMCA New South Wales transforms its planning, budgeting and forecasting processes and supports better decision making with EPM Cloud.

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HMV Case Study Image SEO
Finance Transformation

Grows out of spreadsheet-driven planning

HMV moved off spreadsheets to a faster, more insightful planning, budgeting and forecasting processes in the cloud and enables SKU-level analytics.

Enterprise Analytics

Improves statutory reporting processes for greater insight

Carpetright reduced the time and effort to deliver statutory reports with direct access to accurate financial data and a single integrated platform for collecting narrative.

Holland and Barrett SEO
Finance Transformation

Gains retail insights not previously possible

Holland and Barrett invested in a planning solution to gain greater insights across channel and store level and enables advanced rolling forecasts.

WM Trains SEO
Finance Transformation

Drives finance effectiveness with planning in the cloud

West Midland Trains speeds up period-end reporting process and enhances control for forecast and budget preparation.

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Nutricia Cloud
Finance Transformation

Achieves cloud-based planning at every level

Nutricia replaces spreadsheets with cloud-based planning that supports regional and group level multi-currency planning and analysis.

Finance Transformation

Uses workforce planning for accurate project budgets

eHealth New South Wales implements workforce planning to prepare budgets for hundreds of IT projects across the organization with less time and effort.

Tesco Bank Cloudbridge
Finance Transformation

Improved security and control of their planning processes

Tesco Bank migrated its planning system to the cloud to give finance more control over their budget processes and upgraded data integration using Qubix Cloudbridge.

Enterprise Analytics

Achieves a global view of its business to drive better decisions

ETI implemented an enterprise-wide analytics solution, building a full suite of internal and external facing reports combining data from many key business units.

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Engineered Floors
Enterprise Analytics

Replaced spreadsheets with a modern reporting solution

Engineered Floors adopted a reporting solution for Netsuite using Oracle Analytics Cloud to replace spreadsheet-based manual processes.

Hero Image - AIB Lab 2 SEO
Finance Transformation

Moves to Planning in the cloud to deliver financial visibility

Allied Irish Bank eliminates its reliance on large, complex and error-prone spreadsheets with planning in the cloud to reduce risks, improve data accuracy and deliver monthly forecasts.

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Investissement Quebec SEO
Enterprise Analytics

Transforms planning and budgeting in the cloud

Investissement Quebec implemented a cloud-based budgeting and forecasting solution in Essbase Cloud using Qubix CloudBridge for data orchestration.

Finance Transformation

Ocado innovates their planning processes

Ocado adopted an integrated planning, budgeting and forecasting solution covering finance, supply chain, and HR to support new business growth.

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Abu Dhabi Media SEO
Finance Transformation

Enterprise planning & allocations

Transformed financial planning and integration to ERP data to bring greater visibility into future forecasts and trusted profitability margin insights at a product level.

Ingersoll Rand
Finance Transformation

Modernized accounts reconciliation

Replaced legacy systems with a cloud-based highly automated accounts reconciliation process, saving time and cost.

Finance Transformation

Takes control of its planning, budgeting and forecasting processes

Calderdale NHS Trust moved away from a spreadsheet-driven budgeting and reporting process to Oracle Planning Cloud and the Qubix NHS Planning Template.

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National Gypsum
Enterprise Analytics

Enterprise analytics in the cloud

Shifting on-premises analytics workloads to Microsoft Azure using Qubix CloudBridge for data orchestration with SAP source systems. 

Aer Lingus
Enterprise Analytics

Route profitability insights

Design and deployed a modern cloud-based analytics platform that enables the performance management team to spend more time improving route profitability decisions and less time crunching numbers.

Hero Image - Healthcare 4 SEO
Finance Transformation

Embraces digital finance with a move to the cloud

Taunton & Somerset Trust moved away from a spreadsheet-driven budgeting and reporting process to the Qubix NHS Planning Template.  The solution is a pre-built industry application that reduces the time needed to prepare plans, complete forecasts and submit regulatory reports.

Angel Trains SEO
Enterprise Analytics

Analytics workloads moved to the cloud

Enterprise migration and re-platform of critical analytics applications to the cloud.  Qubix CloudBridge accelerates delivery of data orchestration and Oracle ERP integration.

Hyde Housing Bermondsey SEO
Finance Transformation

Migrates from on-premises to planning in the cloud

Hyde Housing moves from on-premises to planning in the cloud in 3 weeks to improve finance agility and reporting capabilities whilst reducing cost. 

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Bupa SEO
Enterprise Analytics

Enhanced analytics at lower cost

Modern cloud analytics platform delivering advanced management information at a lower cost and with greater self-service capabilities to support growing business demand for deeper business insights.

CT Shirts
Enterprise Analytics

Comprehensive retail analytics

High-performance insights across core business areas including finance, marketing, merchandising, retail and warehouse.

Finance Transformation

Finance systems transformation

Process and systems consultancy, coupled with technology implementation to restructure finance systems after a corporate restructure.  The solution delivered modernized business planning and a faster financial close.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals

Modernizes finance with a move to cloud finance systems

Leeds Teaching Hospitals moved away from a spreadsheet-driven budgeting and reporting process to the Qubix NHS Planning Template.  The solution is a pre-built industry application that reduces the time needed to prepare plans, complete forecasts and submit regulatory reports.

Finance Transformation

Complete financial visibility

Leveraging the benefit of lower cost cloud financial systems Qubix deployed integrated financial planning, forecasting and reporting across Oracle ERP, sales and gross margins as well as capital and workforce planning.

HSS Hire
Enterprise Analytics

Enterprise-wide analytics

Enterprise data-warehouse and analytics delivering insights across multiple business areas including revenue, AR, contract profitability, cash management and distribution.

Northumbria NHS Trust SEO
Finance Transformation

Delivers digital finance in the cloud

Northumbria moved away from a spreadsheet-driven budgeting and reporting process to the Qubix NHS Planning Template.  The solution is a pre-built industry application that reduces the time needed to prepare plans, complete forecasts and submit regulatory reports.

PA Consulting SEO
Finance Transformation

Simplifying complex compensation models 

Redesigned the current bonus and incentives process to streamline the process with significant automation of compensation calculations and the creation and distribution of award statements.

North Cumbria NHS Trust SEO
Finance Transformation

Gains new insights and saves time & effort moving to the cloud

NCUH moved away from a spreadsheet-driven budgeting and reporting process to the Qubix NHS Planning Template.  The solution is a pre-built industry application that reduces the time needed to prepare plans, complete forecasts and submit regulatory reports.

Enterprise Analytics

High-performance self-service analytics 

Designed and implemented a bank-wide multi-franchise reporting platform in the cloud.  Enables faster reporting, self-service analytics and the use of advanced modelling supported by machine learning capabilities.

Pennine Care Trust
Finance Transformation

Adopts digital finance in the cloud

Pennine Care Trust moved away from a spreadsheet-driven budgeting and reporting process to the Qubix NHS Planning Template.  The solution is a pre-built industry application that reduces the time needed to prepare plans, complete forecasts and submit regulatory reports.

Ted Baker SEO
Finance Transformation

System and process design advisory

Rapid delivery of comprehensive system design advice to improve the financial close and consolidation processes.

Finance Transformation

Process and solution design advisory

End-to-end review of financial planning, forecasting and reporting processes and solution design.  Complex multi-entity structure assessment and optimization of consolidated reporting.

Baxters Foods
Finance Transformation

Digital finance processes

As a result of improved forecasting processes and the improved quality of information from production planning teams, the business achieved 10% reduction in working capital requirements.

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Drives to the cloud to modernize finance processes

YAS moved away from a spreadsheet-driven budgeting and reporting process to the Qubix NHS Planning Template.  The solution is a pre-built industry application that reduces the time needed to prepare plans, complete forecasts and submit regulatory reports.

Nomura 2
Enterprise Analytics

Faster global reporting platform

Designed local, regional and global reporting applications for monthly and daily reporting.  Extensive automation of data management couple with high-performance design resulted in a 30% reduction in time taken to create and publish reports.

Unior 100
Enterprise Analytics

Autonomous analytics

Design and implementation of an enterprise-wide business analytics platform to increase executive insight into core drivers of profitability and underlying performance.  Advanced, cloud-based autonomous data warehouse reduces IT costs and increases operational efficiency.

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Clients Page - Ocado SEO
Finance Transformation

Global ERP redesign

Global ERP enhancements covering AP, AR, Fixed Assets, Cash Management and iProcurement that enables Financial transactions to be managed for five countries.

RTV Slovenija SEO
Finance Transformation

Broadcast production planning

RTV Slovenija deployed digital planning and analytics to enhance financial, workforce and broadcast production planning processes. Key benefits include: reduced planning cycles, improved data integrity, agile modelling and minimized planning costs.

Baxters SEO
Enterprise Analytics

Cloud-integrated product analytics

Qubix CloudBridge connects to the core, EDI based, order processing systems and orchestrates data flows into Oracle ERP, the enterprise analytics platform and forecasting applications to improve insights into product sales.

Enterprise Analytics

Ward to board analytics

GCS adopts the Qubix Advanced Analytics Template solution which delivers critical patient, financial, non-financial and operational insights that transforms the accuracy and quality of data clinical and non-clinical leaders can interact with using statistical process control, and other purpose-built visualizations.

Banka Slovenije
Enterprise Analytics

Reenergized analytics platform

Guided client to successfully enhance a central analytics platform to improve performance and enhance business value.

CT Shirts 2
Enterprise Analytics

Multi-stream business analytics

Business-wide analytics applications that deliver critical insights, such as sales, costs and gross margin analysis, campaign analytics, closing stock values and board pack profit and loss management accounts.

Pacific Aluminium
Finance Transformation

Redesigned financial consolidation

After a major business restructuring, Qubix supported a transformation of the group consolidation and close processes, delivering new group regulatory reporting.

Finance Transformation

Global planning and analytics

A global finance-transformation program, Qubix supports multiple work-streams covering the rollout of core business intelligence, IFRS regulatory reporting, advanced financial modeling and in-depth industry-specific KPI knowledge.

Fiji Telecom
Enterprise Analytics

Adopts autonomous data warehouse

Complete re-platform of analytics and data warehouse workloads to the cloud, powered by autonomous technology.  Critical business reports and insights are delivered faster in a modern visual experience.

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TJX Companies SEO
Finance Transformation

Takes financial planning digital

The financial planning, forecasting, budgeting and reporting processes were redesigned to take advantage of agile cloud-based financial modeling.  The solution saves planning time and increases the speed at which critical insights are available to leadership teams to make better decisions.

University of Sydney
Enterprise Analytics

Technology advisory services

As one of the largest deployments of Oracle in Australia, Qubix completed a multi-stream systems review and design a future framework strategy document to modernize core financial and analytical applications.

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