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Are you data fluid?

Enable the smooth flow of data between your apps, processes and systems with a central hub for data integration and master data management.

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Qubix CloudBridge

Successful organizations need data fluidity. 

Cloudbridge functions as the central hub through which all data and processes flow - empowering users to build and automate all flows from a single place with speed and ease. Link and unite source data and cloud applications across your hybrid IT environment. Establish control and trust in your data with master data management capabilities. Level up your team with fast and easy access to your data and apps so they can do more in less time.



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Data Integration

Seamlessly connect apps and data across your organization

Topple data silos and unify your data by integrating data from multiple locations including Hadoop, SQL, ERP or business intelligence on-premises systems to your cloud applications.

  • Visual process builder
    Build and automate data flows and multi-step system processes from start to finish
  • Prebuilt integration modules
    Cloudbridge includes a library of prebuilt modules to connect applications such as Oracle cloud SaaS applications
  • Live logging
    Detailed live logging provides full transparency about activity while the processes are running
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Master Data Hub

Get your data house in order

Cloudbridge sits at the center of your data and enterprise system providing a central hub to synchronize, enrich, review and edit your master data. Providing a "golden source" of data that ensures the information accessed by your team is trusted and accurate.

  • Manage and edit hierarchies
    Edit hierarchies rapidly using drag-and-drop and copy/paste functions or roll back to a previous version
  • Table editor
    Maintain lists of mapping codes and system parameters between different applications
  • Metadata Synchronization
    Make edits to your metadata and watch the changes ripple through your apps and systems
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Workflow automation

Smart process automation

Setup multiple data integration jobs into linear workflows. Automate its execution via the built-in scheduler. Run database refreshes and business rules as part of the workflow. Send email status notifications to key staff.

  • Time-triggered
    Run a workflow weekly, daily, monthly or every 5 minutes for near real-time data processing
  • File-triggered
    Trigger a workflow based on the presence of a specific file in a monitored location
  • Live email alerts
    Cloudbridge sends an email alert with a detailed breakdown of the workflow's performance to selected users
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Data Governance

Ensure data integrity at scale

Empower users with access to data while maintaining data governance and control. Ensure data governance policies can be properly enforced.

  • Change approvals
    Define 'key persons' to reject/accept changes to dimensions or tables and preview the changes in Cloudbridge
  • Access permissions
    Specify user permissions for every object to Read, Write or No Access (at any level including members within hierarchies)
  • Audit trail
    Every change and subsequent approval is automatically logged for full transparency
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User Process Design

Built for finance and business users

Cloudbridge's UI is highly intuitive and puts the power in the hands of the user. Manage your data, metadata, automate tasks, edit tables and more without involvement from IT. Receive automatic updates for the latest functionality.

  • Intuitive point-and-click UI
    Cloudbridge's simplified UI means there's no steep learning curve for users
  • Central activity dashboard
    Monitor and track all data integration activities from a central, highly visual dashboard
  • Economies of skill
    With Cloudbridge, there's no need for multiple master data management tools just a single interface for everyone 
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Security Standards

Cloudbridge security standards

Cloudbridge uses recognized encryption standards, giving our users peace of mind in data security and compliance.

  • Password encryption security
    Stringent password creation rules and IP logging security standards are enforced by Cloudbridge
  • Internet access encryption
    TLS 1.2 encryption technology is available for Service access with connections employing 112 bit encryption minimum. Cipher key uses the SHA256RSA algorithm with at least 2048 bits.
  • Oracle backbone infrastructure
    Cloudbridge is supported by Oracle Infrastructure Cloud which meets or exceeds international security standards 
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Getting Started with Cloudbridge

Request a product tour demo of Qubix Cloudbridge and have your questions answered by one of our resident data integration experts.


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Connect your apps and data with zero coding required.
Request a demo of Qubix Cloudbridge. Get a full product tour and ask your questions during a live Q&A session. Walk away with all the facts and next steps.

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Cloudbridge is helping leading businesses connect their apps and data

Get in touch and ask us about how Cloudbridge can help your organization connect and transform its data.

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