Major Cloudbridge Updates Unveiled

Recorded: 6 December 2022    35 min

The latest Cloudbridge version 3.6 - Langkawi - is a pivotal step forward, and we can't wait to reveal all the new features this major update brings:

  • a complete redesign of the user interface
  • support for a number of new systems including Snowflake
  • extensive custom tailoring options
  • and much more!

This webcast:

  • Showcases new release highlights
  • Shares the business-transforming success stories of our clients
  • Discusses the real-life impact of Cloudbridge



Who should watch it?

This webcast is particularly useful to:

  • Finance Systems Managers
  • Data Analysts
  • IT Directors
  • Technology Platform leaders
  • Data Program Managers
Cloudbridge new ux screenshot

Meet our experts

Webinar Speakers

Edward Ramsden 1 - Edited

Edward Ramsden

Senior Product Manager