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Connected Planning.

Connected Enterprise Planning is the evolution of traditional FP&A to connect more data and inputs from sales and operations, human resources, and supply chain to improve decision-making and performance.

The Big Idea.

Finance teams, who serve as the central keepers of plans and planning data, need to synchronize with sales, HR, operations, and other departments to improve collaboration and decision-making—the greater the alignment, the better the results.

No More Silos.

Every department has a part to play in planning for future success, and finance is the data hub that connects them. Data can’t exist in silos spread across the business— consistent, accessible, and accurate data drives performance and execution.

Why change?

The Business Case for Connected Enterprise Planning.

Disruption and change have become a constant. Businesses are increasingly digital, and as recovery from the pandemic switches to reimagining their operating models, removing planning silos and fragmented systems is a priority that boards are funding.

The problem is that siloed data and fragmented systems limit visibility across the business. Disconnected planning systems that, for example, don’t connect financial plans to ESG targets drastically hinders the ability to understand the impact of change across the business and to use those insights to know how and when to react.

The business case for synchronizing financial, operational, and line-of-business planning is robust. Case in point: A connected approach has helped Oracle customers improve margins by 35% and decrease planning cycle times by 30%.

Oracle clients adopting a connected enterprise planning strategy are experiencing tangible results in critical areas, including increased margins, lower inventory costs, workforce efficiency gains and improved decision-making.

Many our of clients are actively working with us to break down these planning silos. By connecting financial, operational, and line of business planning on a single cloud, they’re improving agility and the visibility to model how a change in one area ripples across the rest of the business.

Build a financial nervous system that allows you to synchronize across the business and outperform your competitors

Connect • Synchronize • Outperform

Connected Planning Capabilities

Connected Planning better aligns operational planning with your financial performance. It is a platform-centric strategy that extends FP&A use cases beyond finance by incorporating functional applications to unify data, processes, collaboration and core planning activities.  The result is greater visibility and decision-making, driving improved business performance.

Qubix Why Connected Planning (IBPX)

IBPX Capabilities

Integrated Business Planning and Execution (IBPX) is a specific architecture designed for manufacturing businesses designed around three core capabilities:

Plan — connect all planning activities across financial, projects, capital, workforce, sales & operations and supply chain planning into a single integrated platform: overlay top-down and bottom-up strategic targets.

Execute — a cock-pit view of execution gives leaders the critical tools they need to maximize profit winners. Provide multiple simulations and what-if analysis of future scenarios to evaluate alternative strategies to maximize the probability of meeting targets.

Monitor & Adjust — connect every aspect of the value chain to provide near real-time monitoring of critical systems and sensors (IoT). Apply machine learning and advanced analytics to unexpected events to receive recommendations on addressing issues to get back on track to hit targets faster.

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Intelligent Automation

It’s not science fiction. You can achieve touchless forecasting using intelligent automation; replacing spreadsheets with a connected planning platform is just the tip of the iceberg.

Don’t waste time loading actuals. Automatically see actual data from operational or financial systems surface into your planning platform and review the most likely plan calculated by the data science capabilities. This approach increases forecast accuracy and significantly decreases time spent on forecasting.

Intelligently monitor your plan and receive notifications of any anomalies, trends, or issues that need immediate action. Instead of spending valuable time recreating your plans or forecasts, you can spend time making critical decisions and taking action.

Flexible & Configurable

There is no need for a big bang approach. Set the pace and timing of your transformation journey by starting in one area, for example, longer-term corporate planning, before adding on or enabling new modules when it is right for your business.

Avoid the mistake of trying to build customized solutions or adding bolt-ons to other apps. This approach results in siloed applications, increased risk, longer implementation times, and often failed transformations.

We can help

Qubix has helped hundreds of businesses to transform their planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes.

We can provide an end-to-end solution. Perhaps you want to start with a Maturity Assessment of your current processes to define and budget a roadmap for change? Or you are ready to begin connecting your siloed planning applications today? We can help.

We can help. Connect today.
Connected Planning Automation

Connected Planning Success Stories

We’ve helped hundreds of companies large and small achieve their connected planning vision.

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Qubix Trending - Baxters Food Group

Baxters Food Group

After acquiring U.S.-based Wornick Foods and plans to reach £500m in annual revenue, Baxters needed to streamline its finance systems to integrate multiple data sources and systems into a new cloud planning platform.

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Achieves a global view of its business to drive better decisions. ETI implemented an enterprise-wide solution, building a full suite of internal and external-facing reports combining data from many key business units.

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Qubix Unior Case Study


Unior is one of the largest manufacturers in Slovenia. Qubix designed and implemented an enterprise-wide platform to increase executive insight into core drivers of profitability and underlying performance.

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HS Featured Image - AIB


Moves to Planning in the cloud to deliver improved financial visibility. Allied Irish Bank eliminates its reliance on large, complex and error-prone spreadsheets with planning in the cloud to reduce risks, improve data accuracy and deliver monthly forecasts.

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Case Study Page - Ocado


Ocado innovates its planning processes by
adopting an integrated planning, budgeting and forecasting solution covering finance, supply chain, and HR to support new business growth. 

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Finance Transformation

West Midlands Trains

Drives finance effectiveness with planning in the cloud. West Midlands Trains speeds up the period-end reporting process and enhances control for forecast and budget preparation.

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