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 Consulting Methodology 


The Qubix Journey Methodology 


Leverage our Right for You implementation approach supported by an inventory of best practices observed through 1,000+ project engagements.

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The "Right for You" Implementation Approach.

The Qubix Journey Methodology is crafted from our inventory of best practices, observed through 1,000+ client engagements and supported by our increasingly evidence-based benchmarking approach to projects.  

To bring maximum value to our clients we have organized our intellectual capital into The Journey Methodology - a repository of best practice guides, sample process workflows, software configuration templates, report libraries, system integration approaches, issues and risks check-lists, knowledge transfer content and business case development templates.

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Requirements Wizard

Our Requirements gathering approach is purpose designed to speed up the process of gaining insight into and prioritizing the core business needs that will deliver the highest impact benefits of an engagement.


You, Us or Both?

The Journey Methodology has been designed with complete collaboration in mind.  We are flexible. We can deliver projects with your team as part of the team, or with our team taking the lead.  Your choice.

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Show & Tell

We know how it feels to drive change across a business.  We've designed The Journey method to provide frequent "show & tell" sessions to ensure complete buy in and broad alignment around target outcomes.

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Weekly Play Back

Our Customer Success Managers conduct weekly reviews to increase strategic communication focused on meeting and exceeding key project stakeholder expectations.

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Customer Experience Design

We measure our success based on the experience we deliver our clients. We ask “how do you feel?” before, during and after engagements. We do this because it’s not just what we do for our clients that matters, it is how we do it that creates a lasting impression.

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Engagement Reporting

Complete transparency matters.  Our online project management and analytics platform provides clients with complete insight into project progress, core KPIs and activity management. 

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