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Decisions by Design

Have you designed your analytics to optimize decision making? Learn about a new approach to designing
analytics that increases the impact and value of data faster.

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Qubix has observed that many analytics investments have failed to improve operational performance. Many companies react, frustratingly, to this shortcoming by committing to further cycles of technology investment with projects such as data warehouses, visualization, Big Data and now big bets on artificial intelligence. Thinking the main challenges to making 'data-driven decisions' pervasive can be solved with the latest tools and tricks. 

We argue that this narrative puts the cart before the horse. For analytics to have a transformative impact, decisions that materially impact performance must be isolated and categorised by type, given an analytics treatment based on this categorisation, improved over iterations to reduce variance and thus leading to better outcomes and efficiency.

White Paper Highlights:

  • The analytics transformation problem
  • Isolating what works and what fails
  • The importance of decisions
  • The architecture of decision-making
  • A framework to improve decision quality: Four types of decision
  • Conclusion


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