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Modernize your ERP

Integrate all your core finance and people processes and systems into a unified platform to innovate, drive efficiencies and power intelligent decision-making.

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Connected Planning

Drive your business forward by removing manual finance processes to focus on understanding your data, to make smarter, timely business decisions that accelerate performance.

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Advanced Analytics

Speed to insight is the strategic goal for analytics today. Fast-track your journey to actionable insights and enable a culture of expert data-driven decision-makers that deliver remarkable results.

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Version 1 acquires Qubix

Version 1 and Qubix are joining forces to drive unparalleled Finance Transformation and Business Agility within combined customer bases.

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ESG Reporting Solutions Hub

Learn more about how Qubix is helping automate and streamline ESG reporting.

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Become Oracle Analytics-driven

Upgrade or migrate your existing Oracle Business Intelligence instances to Oracle Analytics while minimizing business disruption and maximizing value with the Qubix Move to Oracle Analytics framework.

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Are you data fluid?

Let your data flow smoothly between your systems, processes and apps with Cloudbridge - a central hub for data integration and master data management.

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The Future of Qubix Academy

Qubix Academy Oracle training video library of 210 videos is now available free of charge on the Qubix YouTube channel.

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Everise replaces complex, un-manageable Excel with collaborative & automated Reporting

Everise streamlines and automates its financial reporting process with a best-in-class solution.

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A2B Australia combines ERP financial data with operational data from non-ERP systems to derive metrics for seamless Planning and Reporting

A2B Australia combined financial data from the ERP system with various operational data from non-ERP systems to derive financial and operational metrics for seamless Planning and Reporting.

Case Studies / Oracle Implementation Services / Case Studies

Angel Trains moves from Oracle on-premises to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Angel Trains moves from on-premises to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to stay on top of innovation, reduce costs and improve agility.

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8 ESG Trends to Watch in 2023

As we move into 2023, we expect to see continued progress in sustainability reporting. Here are some of the top ESG reporting trends to watch out for.

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Oracle Cloud Migration

Migrate Oracle ERP, EPM, Analytics and Database workloads to the Oracle Cloud cost-effectively, with less risk and faster time to value.

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Learn about our ESG reporting capabilities

Make an informed decision to select and deploy a new cloud-based ESG reporting solution. Go deeper into the solution capabilities and our approach to ESG projects.

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Creating Client Success

Learn how we help clients across a spectrum of industries deliver their finance, analytics and IT transformation initiatives.

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