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Oracle Enterprise Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service 


All Your Enterprise Planning Needs in One Cloud


Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud enables business owners to maintain independent plans while aligning planning processes across the enterprise.  

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The Power to Plan Anything.  Plan for Success Across Your Enterprise with Simple to Use, Powerful Planning all Pre-Built in one Cloud.

Oracle's Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS) is a perfect fit for both corporate finance planners as well as operational line of business owners in sales, marketing, HR and IT.  From budgeting expenses to creating financial statements and forecasting revenue or modeling—your workforce, capital, and projects—across all industries and sizes.  One Planning Cloud for all needs.   

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Move Beyond Spreadsheets

No more battling error prone spreadsheets, fixing broken links and bad calcs. Everything you need in a planning application with the world's most powerful multi-dimensional database as the engine.

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Pre-Built Financial Model

A fully integrated financial statement planning solution for your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow.  Use one module, all three, or pick what's for your business.

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Pre-Built Workforce Model

Everything Finance and HR need in one plan. Model compensation spend by employee and/or job code as well as Strategic Workforce Planning for HR-based skills and competency planning.

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Pre-Built Projects Model

Detailed or simplified project financial planning - you choose.  Go deep with driver-based planning for individual employee, contractors, materials and asset-related expenses as well as project revenues.

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Pre-Built Capital Model

Designed for planning needs associated with new investment, existing capital assets, and intangibles.  Complete capital expense reviews, or auto-model capital across financial models. 

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Planning Wizards

Use planning wizards to make it easy to configure and maintain your planning processes.  Keeping you in control of your planning process experience.

Accelerate Your Enterprise Cloud Deployment

This is Enterprise Planning & Budgeting re-imagined. The Qubix QuickStart plan takes the cost and complexity out of your deployment and enables a faster time to benefit. QuickStart is how everyone has always wanted to deploy Cloud Planning solutions.


Perfect for these Use Cases

green_tick.png Annual Planning & Budgeting

green_tick.png What-if Scenario Modeling

green_tick.png Project Financial Analysis

green_tick.png Capital Asset Planning

green_tick.png Cash Flow Planning

green_tick.png Revenue Modeling

green_tick.png Cost Allocations

green_tick.png Strategic Worforce Planning

green_tick.png Customer Contract Profitability

green_tick.png And many more...

EPBCS QuickStart

Delivery days included: 40

QuickStart is our fixed-scope rapid deployment accelerator.


On-boarding (one-time fee)

or ask for Pay Monthly option

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What's Included

green_tick.png Planning Transformation Workshops

green_tick.png Planning Process Design

green_tick.png Planning App Design Framework

green_tick.png Training & Enablement 

green_tick.png Qubix CloudBridge for data integration


*price listed includes 40 consulting days, one-year of support and full training. Oracle software not included.

Need to connect On-Premises data to Oracle EPBCS? Integrate, transform and upload data into Oracle Finance Cloud Services with CloudBridge.

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Client Case Studies

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 Financial Transformation

Beyond Spreadsheets: How to Break Your Addiction to Excel 

Explore how top performing finance teams are switching from Excel to cloud-based enterprise planning, budgeting and reporting solutions.

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