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Implementing a Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud is a great innovation, but at Qubix we've also re-imagined how to help our customers go-live, to speed their deployments, maximize the benefits and drive down the total cost of ownership.


Pricing includes: Software, Implementation, Training and Support.

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Cloud On-Boarding (one-time fee) £28k £38k £51k
Oracle software subscription per year (10 users)  £11k £11k £11k
Qubix CloudBridge subscription per year £8k £8k £8k
Implementation Days      
• Delivery Days Included 28 38  50 
What Is in Scope      
• Support Days Per Year 5 7 10
• Application Show & Tell Workshops green_tick green_tick green_tick
• Report Package Creation (up to...) 2 2
• EPRCS Library Creation green_tick  green_tick green_tick
• Style Templates Pages/Slides (up to...)  5 5 5
• Reports Pages/Slides (up to...)  15 21 30
• User Security Set Up (up to...)  10  20  30
• Knowledge Transfers and Training Sessions green_tick   green_tick green_tick
• Acceptance Testing Support Days (up to...)  3 5 7
• Administrator Training Workshops  green_tick green_tick green_tick
• Customer Success Manager  green_tick green_tick  green_tick 
Key Terms      
Options for Monthly Payment of Implementation green_tick  green_tick  green_tick 
Contract Term for Software Subscriptions 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
Minimum Users for Software Subscriptions 10 10 10
Price Per Additional Subscriber £90 £90 £90

• Price assumes all needed data points for reports exist in a current Oracle Hyperion application(s).

 • That Report Packages are not more than 70 A4 size pages and do not contain more than 40 reports/tables.

 • One-time implementation fee does not include Oracle software subscription for EPRCS.





Perfect for all these use cases...

Financial Close and Reporting • Financial Disclosure Management • Financial Reporting • Regulatory Reporting • Board Packs • Annual Reports


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