ESG Reporting Solutions

Comprehensive ESG Reporting Solutions

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting and modeling solutions for the office of the CFO and sustainability teams.

ESG Reporting Solutions

Collect, analyze and model disparate ESG data with ease.

Whether your ESG challenges relate to keeping on top of reporting to multiple frameworks, streamlining data collection, modeling ESG outcomes, or streamlining the creation of high-quality ESG content, Qubix can help. Our end-to-end solutions allow you to integrate financial and non-financial data. Collect, assemble, and report with the same technology already trusted by thousands of businesses globally.

ESG is quickly becoming both a challenge and an opportunity for CFOs. The challenge is that ESG reporting has now become part of the annual reporting process, which means non-financial data from multiple disparate systems and sources needs to be captured, audited, and most importantly trusted. The opportunity is to build trust with investors, partners, and customers by bringing credibility and transparency to their organization’s sustainability priorities.

ESG Global Reporting


ESG Reporting & Analytics for Your Scenario 

Our solutions are designed to align with every ESG scenario. Perhaps you need a data and analytics-focused solution that integrates with upstream data sources, including asset-level, transactional, analytical, or CEMS systems, to quickly calculate and visualize data. Or perhaps you want to connect financial forecasts and plans to quickly see the impact of budget decisions on your organization's ESG targets? Whatever your scenario, we have the skills and systems to help.

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Visually Rich ESG Reporting & Analytics


ESG Report Screenshot


from REG-Tech to ESG

Our roots are in Reg-Tech, so we know that the office of the CFO needs process transparency, traceability, and absolute version control to be confident that their ESG reports are the single source of truth for the business. Our solutions deliver this. Our platform automates data collection, utilizes multiple frameworks, can audit everything, and allows teams to seamlessly collaborate throughout the process.

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How we do it

What makes the Qubix ESG Reporting solutions so successful?

data orchestration

Data Orchestration
Qubix Cloudbridge is a data-agnostic data integration and management product designed for non-technical finance teams. It sits at the core of our ESG solutions to automate the collection of data from systems and people across disparate locations. It can automate the collection and transformation of data with complete traceability. It will save thousands of hours of data collection and manipulation.

ESG frameworks

Multiple Frameworks

Move away from spreadsheet chaos to manage your frameworks. Our solutions enable you to organize, manage and integrate multiple frameworks in one centralized repository. Easily report on the same data across multiple frameworks, which you have the ability to continue to update and alter as required. Reduce the cost and complexity of multiple frameworks.

ESG Audit Ready

Confidence Assured
From source to submission every aspect of the ESG reporting process is controlled and audited. You can publish your ESG data to critical stakeholders with the confidence that your data is accurate and consistent. You will be audit-ready with complete traceability, data lineage, and transparency throughout the entire ESG process.

ESG Narrative Reporting

Narrative Plus+
Create and publish fantastic-looking reports securely and collaboratively. Seamlessly integrate ESG data into report packs and disclosures with ease and control. Remove the headache of version control and approvals with everyone working on the same document facilitated by customized workflows and approvals.

Qubix Oracle Implementation Services

ESG Reporting Implementation Services

Why choose Qubix?

Our services are designed to align to every ESG scenario, whether it be determining which framework is applicable to your business, if you want an advanced analytics view of your ESG compliance, or if you want to automate the deployment of ESG disclosure reporting rapidly to your critical stakeholders. We have the skills and systems to help you.

Learn more about why Qubix is the right partner to guide and accelerate your ESG journey.

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ESG Reporting Solutions.

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