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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting and modeling solutions for the office of the CFO and sustainability teams.

Collect, analyze and model disparate ESG data with ease.

Whether your ESG challenges relate to keeping on top of reporting to multiple frameworks, streamlining data collection, modeling ESG outcomes, or streamlining the creation of high-quality ESG content, Qubix can help. Our end-to-end solutions will reduce the complexity and cost of ESG management.

Flexible ESG Solutions.

Not all businesses are the same, and every ESG journey is different. We recognize this, so our solutions are designed to be totally flexible and scalable. Start with accelerated reporting, expand into full ESG data orchestration, or embed advanced statistical modeling into your ESG plans. We can help in every scenario.

Why change?

How satisfied are you with your current ESG reporting systems and processes?

According to Savanta Research, 91% of business leaders are facing significant challenges in making progress on sustainability and ESG initiatives. Solving these challenges is now more urgent than ever with increasing demands for ESG progress from customers, employees and investors. Is it time for a new approach?

Are your ESG reporting processes highly manual and inefficient?


Collecting, validating, aggregating, and narrating ESG data is time-consuming, highly manual, inefficient, and error-prone.


The Qubix approach can automate and streamline data collection across multiple stakeholders within your organization, divisions, and portfolio firms. This eliminates the need for manual spreadsheets, tedious tracking systems, and a blizzard of emails. 

Qubix ESG Hub - Manual Work (Orange)

How do you keep up with multiple frameworks and new disclosure requirements?


Multiple standards for E, S, and G metrics, including GRI, SASB, TCFD, and many more, complicate the reporting process and add future uncertainty. Add to these industry-specific initiatives, and the burden is growing on sustainability teams. 


The Qubix solution includes pre-built reporting templates for the most popular frameworks and the ability for users to add their metrics and define their own reporting outputs. The solution is entirely extensible and customizable if needed.

Qubix ESG Hub - Multiple ESG frameworks

What about complex models and reporting?


How do you connect your ESG goals and models to your operational and financial plans? What about reporting ESG metrics for a holding company or a portfolio company? 


The Qubix solution includes advanced modeling, including Machine Learning capabilities, to quickly see the linked impact on ESG and financial goals. It also streamlines the collection and calculation of data at a division or portfolio company level.

Qubix ESG Hub - Complex models and reporting

Intelligent ESG Reporting Platform

A complete solution that includes ESG data-orchestration, advanced modelings, such as "What-If" analysis, full integration of ESG data into popular tools like Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, and workflow-controlled advanced narrative reporting and pixel-perfect report books.

ESG Reporting Solution Brief


Qubix ESG Solution Overview (1)

Next Steps

Intelligent ESG Reporting Platform

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Multi Framework Support

The Qubix solution enables reporting and disclosure for all the major ESG standards and frameworks. The solution is designed to flex and adapt to any changes and can be fully maintained by your ESG teams.


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Learn about our ESG reporting capabilities

Make an informed decision to select and deploy a new cloud-based ESG reporting solution. Go deeper into the solution capabilities and our approach to ESG projects.

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