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We know everyone loves Excel, but is it really the tool to run your business?  Excel is prone to errors, time consuming, can't handle complex scenarios and normally depends on one person who knows the model inside out.  We can turn your Excel Workbooks into a modern collaborative Cloud based app experience.
Excel is Good But Not Great...

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Multi-User Hell

It’s too easy for people to delete rows and cells and break formulas and links. Some of the biggest restatements and reforecasts have been as a result of Spreadsheet errors.  Now throw in lots of people updating Excel, it becomes impossible tell where changes have been made, who made them, and when.  That’s not good for governance or investigating the source of mistakes and inaccuracies.

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It's So 2-Dimensional

If you want to model something like profitability by product line, then Excel is great. But if you want to model something like the impact of a 5% increase in key conversion rates and understand how it will impact every department as well as the P&L, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet - good luck! The more dimensions your data has, the less you want to battle with Excel. Simply said, Excel is not a source for strategic insight.

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It's Painful & Time Consuming

Excel is a huge pain to [insert your frustration here]. Do you like the prospect of spending weeks consolidating departmental budgets into a single plan? How does it feel when the business asks for that rolling forecast or "what-if" analysis you know would be helpful?

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Is Guess Work Good Enough? 

Excel can't handle real-time data. It's a rear-view mirror into historical numbers at a single point in time.  How do you help anyone who needs to know the current position against the plan, budget or forecast?


Take the Excel Switch to the Cloud in 6 Steps

If you would like to see how your current Excel reports or home-grown databases can be transformed in the Cloud - follow these simple steps:




Contact us to let us know you would like to take the Excel Switch Challenge. 




We'll send you a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure your sensitive data remains confidential.




We'll send you a link to upload your XLS. file - this data will be used for your Cloud Planning application.




We'll contact you to confirm what you'd like to see in your Cloud Planning application.




In 72 hours we'll arrange a Show & Tell of your very own Cloud Plannning application.




If you're ready, we'll discuss how our Fixed-Scope Offerings can help you move to Cloud.

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Do You Have Other Data Sources?

No problem.  We eat data from multiple sources.

Do you use Microsoft Access, Oracle Databases, MS SQL, DB2,, Oracle ERP, JD Edwards, SAP or any other popular apps and databases?  No problem. Get in touch and we will show you how Qubix CloudBridge can simplify on-premise to Cloud data integration.

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