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Thinking about modernizing your FP&A processes but don’t know where to start? The FPA Automation Hub will help guide you to a modern, agile FP&A platform. 

FP&A Best Practices - Where are you?

Extreme Finance is our vision of best-in-class finance processes, systems and skillsets. The FP&A Extreme Finance Playbook is both a roadmap and a guide. It contains excellent independent benchmarks and a clear set of initiatives to transform FP&A effectiveness.

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Spreadsheets reimagined.

Once a faithful servant of finance, spreadsheets can often grow into a source of frustration and pain for FP&A teams. There is a great business case to switch from an Excel-heavy process to a modern FP&A platform that will reimagine how spreadsheets are used.

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Why change?

How satisfied are you with your current FP&A systems and processes?

According to AFP’s Benchmark Survey, 61% of those surveyed agreed that inadequate systems and tools were holding them back. Having worked with hundreds of finance teams, from boutique retailers to large multinational banks, we know the challenges faced by finance leaders, especially those with spreadsheet-hampered planning processes.  Is it time to change?

Are your processes highly manual and inefficient?

FP&A processes burdened with hours of collating and validating data are not only tedious but reduce agility and make it extremely difficult to run several scenarios to assess the impact on planned financial outcomes. Highly manual processes are a more acute problem with severe ramifications in times of volatility.

Planning Hub - Manual Work (Orange)

Do you suffer from collaboration and version control issues?

Capturing the narrative of the planning process is critical for future context. Spreadsheets make this impossible. Also, over time, spreadsheets morph into multiple versions making effective control of the planning process very tricky. Excel can quickly become a single-point-of-failure that leads to costly mistakes.

Planning Hub - Poor Collaboration

Do the numbers stack up?

At a tactical-level, hidden calculations and cells will wreak havoc on your planning process. We've worked with many businesses to untie this knot, which is unpleasant and time-consuming. The strategic issue is whether or not your current processes allow you to pressure test the numbers with enough rigour to build confidence and belief in the plan.

Planning Hub - Hidden Mistakes

Are your planning processes standardized?

Planning in spreadsheets often leads to a lack of global assumptions and inconsistent drivers. Departmental plans become disconnected and hard to consolidate into a corporate strategy. This means the seamless connection and alignment between finance and all other lines of business is compromised.

Planning Hub - Lack of Standardisation 2

Do you have a single source of the truth?

A lack of a single version of the truth or data language will lead to inaccuracies, confusion and costly mistakes. We often see multiple disconnected systems, surrounded by spreadsheets and poor automation between source systems. The result is more work for finance teams and vital decisions not made with the best available data.

Planning Hub - Data Integration 2

The FP&A Automation Platform

What makes a modern FP&A platform?

Role-based user experience

A next-generation modern design provides every user with a configurable experience. More than just a slick interface, the user experience can be optimized to create plans and execute tasks with minimum clicks. Each role will see visualizations specific to their role in the process, key performance metrics and interactive reports a click away when needed.

Planning Hub - Personal UI (Black)

Intelligent modeling

Intelligent Modeling is defined as an application with an embedded engine that contains multiple modeling algorithms, including predictive systems, that provide finance teams with several, no-code, simulation options. Also, Intelligent modeling has pre-built logic for complex finance scenarios such as capital optimization, debt management and M&A transaction assessment.

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Planning Hub - Intelligent Modeling (Black)

Decision support

Meet the objectives of your business by creating goal-oriented, driver-based plans, reports, and dashboards. Get an immediate sense of the state of your business plans using easy-to-create dashboards and reports that are instantaneously refreshed using in-memory calculations and fast aggregations.

Planning Hub - Decision Support (Black) 2

Total finance platform

Comprehensively address your core finance process needs with functional breadth and depth across financial and operational planning, narrative reporting, cost and profitability analysis, tax planning, and more.

Planning Hub - FP&A Platform (Black) 2

Proven results

When the perception is that all "platforms" look the same and have the same capabilities, it's never that straightforward. Look for a proven solution that has consistently achieved the highest independent analyst rankings and for one with clear evidence of the business impact delivered.

Analyst Reports

Customer Value Report

Planning Hub - Proven (Black)

Next Steps

Start your journey to FP&A Automation

Build your business case

Calculate the potential savings and return-on-investment using our interactive FP&A Automation business case builder. Get a clearer picture of the hidden costs of spreadsheet-based planning including personnel and opportunity costs. Make the case for investing in a modern cloud-based FP&A solution.


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Explore Oracle Cloud Planning

Drive agile, connected plans – from scenario modelling, strategic planning to line of business operational plans – built-on best practices and leveraging the latest advancements including machine learning.

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Learn about key FP&A systems capabilities

Make an informed decision to select and deploy a new cloud-based planning solution. Including a checklist of key features and capabilities as well as an evaluation matrix for choosing an implementation partner.

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Go deeper - Learn about data integration strategies for FP&A Automation

Finance transformation projects succeed or fail based on their approach to data integration. An effective strategy and tools can help maintain a single version of the truth and reduces the cost, complexity and risk of finance transformation.

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Customer success stories

We’ve helped hundreds of companies across a diverse set of industries achieve their finance transformation vision.

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Case Study Page - Ocado SEO


The UK's largest online-only grocery retailer adopts Oracle Cloud EPM Planning and Budgeting, and Forecasting to scale for hyper-growth.

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HS Featured Image - AIB

Allied Irish Bank

A leading Irish bank replaces spreadsheets to achieve greater financial visibility and control in their planning and forecasting processes.

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YMCA New South Wales streamlines its planning processes and supports better decision making with Oracle Cloud EPM Planning.

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Planning Hub - Explore Oracle Cloud EPM (Purple)

Explore Oracle EPM Cloud Planning in-depth

Oracle EPM Cloud Planning ranks as the Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis solutions. Learn more about its transformative capabilities:

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The Qubix FP&A Automation Business Case Builder

Try our business case builder

The FP&A Automation Business Case Builder is an online tool that will help you create a financial case for investing in FP&A Automation. The simulation tool will produce a clear statement of current costs, forecast savings and fact-based ROI. 

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Explore our Q.accelerator™ fixed-scope plans for different industries and use-cases. 

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