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Extreme Finance in FP&A

This Extreme Finance in FP&A Playbook explores the changing role and influence of FP&A as finance organizations transform to a forward-looking business shaper.

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FP&A teams now sit at the intersection of finance, business, and technology with a critical role to play. This Extreme Finance Playbook lays out a roadmap to create an elite FP&A function that has a traceable impact on costs, growth, and value creation.

This Playbook illuminates what the DNA is of the highest performing FP&A teams. We explore the role of FP&A in the most successful businesses, deep dive into new ways of working, and focus on how technology is the most significant contributor to accelerated success.

White Paper Highlights:

  • Benchmark your FP&A finance function effectiveness against Top-Performers
  • Discover the most critical skills in demand at Top-Performing FP&A teams
  • Access 11 specific "plays" that will transform FP&A effectiveness
  • Learn how Intelligent Automation and Digital Workers can transform FP&A teams into digital leaders



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