Human Capital Management

Retain today's and secure the workforce of tomorrow with HCM Cloud

Manage, recruit and reward your workforce with one HCM platform to not only succeed today but to also attract the workforce of tomorrow.

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Human Capital Management

A modern HR builds a workforce for the future

To be a leader in HR you need a Modern HCM platform that allows you to find and retain the best talent and be globally agile. Create a talent centric consumer based strategy to provide an insightful, collaborative, engaging employee and executive experience.

Global HR


Empower HR globally

Engage your employees, align all of your HR processes and start promoting a culture of compliance. Leverage in-context, predictive analytics as well as modelling and reporting to drive better decision making.

  • Optimize your Organization
    Model, implement and analyze large scale org changes easily
  • Engage your Workforce
    Provide employees with quick access to HR information from any device
  • Easily Manage Global Human Resources
    Consolidate your HRMS and deploy complete HR capabilities company-wide
Engage Employees


Engage your employees

Retain your top talent by proactively recommending personalized career progression opportunities. Make transitions less disruptive with succession planning and get a good understanding of overall team performance to mitigate flight risks.

  • Reduce Time to Hire
    Leverage recruitment marketing and referrals to source top talent and onboard rapidly
  • Enhance Performance
    Enhance performance through conversations on goals, alignment and coaching
  • Cultivate your Talent Pool
    Assess talent, increase bench strength, identify successors and build talent pools
HCM Salary Increase


Win the talent war

Differentiate and win top talent in a competitive marketplace by offering differentiated workforce rewards and organizational remuneration structures. Rewarded employees will perform better, be more loyal and be least likely to churn.

  • Compensate Fairly and Accurately
    Design and deliver tailored pay programs for everyone in one application
  • Present a Flexible Benefits Program
    Manage and deliver a unique benefits program aligned with your mission objectives
  • Offer Effective Sales Compensation 
    Influence sales behavior by aligning incentive compensation to your overall strategy
HCM Time Tracking


Optimize workforce management

Get on top of your Labour Costs, modernize and reduce manual processes for efficiency and simplicity compliance for all of your employees globally. Accurately track time by making it easy for employees and reduce payroll errors.

  • Accurately Capture Time
    Capture time for all employee types; full time, contingent, and project-based
  • Control Labour Costs
    Reduce payroll errors by eliminating many of the manual processes you currently do
  • Minimize Compliance Risk
    Deploy company-wide policies, but still, adhere to the needs of local jurisdictions
HCM WorkLife Balance


Achieve a work-life balance

Keep employees invested, increase their productivity and improve overall engagement and commitment by helping them align their work and personal lives. Let HR take the lead in promoting wellness, collaboration and mentorship matching.

  • Develop your Employees
    Help employees take charge of their careers by making their talents more visible 
  • Engage your Workforce
    Provide innovative technology to help employees  align their work and personal lives
  • Interactive Dashboards
    Show commitment to employee engagement with mentorship programs

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