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Intelligent Oracle implementation services

A comprehensive set of advisory skills, experience and design thinking to help you steer your Oracle-powered transformation journey.

Oracle Implementation services

A smarter approach to Oracle systems design and delivery

Technology is at the core of many business transformations and an enabler of innovation and growth. Our broad capabilities in Oracle applications including ERP, EPM, Analytics and Autonomous Database positions Qubix as an ideal partner to help raise your business to the next level of performance.

We lead clients in moving Oracle workloads to the cloud. Our team has deployed the latest technologies, such as autonomous data warehouse, and guided clients as they embrace new deployment models such as SaaS and PaaS. We are experts in integrating data and applications across Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft eco-systems.

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The Q.vate™ methodology is an Adaptive Approach

Q.vate™ is a proven delivery approach that reduces risk, accelerates time-to-value and delivers the ultimate customer experience for our clients. Q.vate™ can be a purely agile, or a traditional waterfall plan-driven model for projects, and the best of both.

The adaptive qualities of Q.vate™ enables the delivery of continuous quick-wins from incremental releases of functionality. This approach is perfect for business users and results in improved project effectiveness, de-risking projects from budget and timeline overruns.


The Q.vate™ methodology framework


Q.vate Methodology (PJ Edits)



100% customer success

How we do it

Learn more about the key pillars of the Q.vate™ methodology and how we engage on projects.

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Target Process Redesign
Q.vate™ takes a fresh approach to the “to-be” process design by replacing the “as-is” assessment with the presentation of a library of good practice processes already built-in to the Oracle Cloud application. This accelerates the “to-be” phase, resulting in shortened delivery cycles and reduced costs. Our approach includes workshops and show & tell sessions.


Rapid Prototyping

We have learned that there is no substitute for business users reviewing their data in a new application, so we do this early and frequently. The latest Oracle ERP, EPM and Analytics solutions support rapid application development, making it possible for business users to see their data in the application within days of the initial build. This initial validation is a crucial success factor in the Q.vate™ methodology. 

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Iterative Cycles
On the back of robust application design, we can build up the application in iterative layers. Business users respond better when they can see the application evolve and grow over time. This iterative approach improves the user experience and avoids any unintended gaps in expectations as the project approaches completion. Also, as business users become more familiar with the solution, their understanding of best-practices matures.


Client Knowledge Transfer
Q.vate™ is designed so that client teams take hands-on responsibility during the project. This approach increases their confidence and the benefits they gain with their new tool. Our engagements are designed to ensure practical knowledge transfer and mentoring throughout the project. Client teams can take active ownership of any process or system once our engagement is over.

Qubix Oracle Implementation Services

oracle Implementation services

Why choose Qubix?

Our services are designed to align to every customer scenario, whether it be reenergizing existing legacy on-premises Oracle Hyperion applications, creating a systems strategy and roadmap, or building out new Oracle Cloud ERP or Cloud EPM solutions. Leverage our latest thinking to inject advanced tech such as process automation, predictive analytics and machine learning into your business processes now.

Learn more about why Qubix is the right partner to guide and accelerate your Oracle journey.

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