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Faster Actionable Insights

This is the evolution of analytics. An intelligent platform that combines the best of data lakes and a data warehouse to present actionable insights faster.

Why change?

Improve your business performance and gain a competitive advantage by modernizing your data management and analytics with a Data Lakehouse.

The ability to generate actionable insights from data, often in real-time, is now of the highest strategic importance, but few organizations are successful. The amount of data is growing as organizations move to the cloud and our lives are increasingly digital. Traditional methods of managing data are holding back growth and competitive advantage.

The evolution of analytics is the Oracle Data Lakehouse. The Oracle Data Lakehouse combines the best elements of a powerful data lake architecture with the performance of a data warehouse and adds analytics capabilities and machine learning to help you get the most value out of your data.

Now you can combine all data from all sources, including IoT devices, line-of-business applications, data lakes and databases, to name a few. Unlock the maximum potential of your data and improve performance.

Oracle Data Lakehouse Business Case (1)

The Data Lakehouse Business Case

Oracle Lakehouse Improved Data Management

Data Management

Foundational data management is critical. Data duplication in large organizations happens at multiple levels such as line-of-business applications, data warehouses, databases, reports, dashboards, basically everywhere. This carries a high cost, increases risk, and reduces reliability. The Data Lakehouse architecture transforms data management.

Oracle Lakehouse Speed to Insights

Speed to Insights.                  

The traditional analytics approach can often feel slow. Business users often complain about performance and the slow processing of data. Add to this the challenge of scaling, and costs increase rapidly. The Data Lakehouse approach can ingest and process massive amounts of data without compromising performance enabling faster decision-making.

Oracle Lakehouse Simplification


The cost and complexity of managing data across multiple siloed applications hold back the value of data in organizations. The Oracle Data Lakehouse architecture is a unified platform that simplifies your data architecture by eliminating the data silos and combining analytics, data science and machine learning into one solution.

Advanced Analytics Practice

Data Lakehouse Implementation Strategy

A clear roadmap to your future Data Lakehouse platform and a compelling business case for change.

Oracle Lakehouse Assessment

Data Landscape Assessment
Our assessment team will benchmark your current data landscape and systems against the leading practice and listen to your critical business priorities for data. The output will be a high-level ranking of target changes and our initial recommendations.

Oracle Lakehouse Roadmap

Intelligent Roadmap
We recognize that every organization is at different analytics stages, and a one-size-fits-all approach will fail. Our change roadmap is tailored to make incremental changes achievable with an intelligent design that results in one set of changes accelerating the next.

Business Case for a Data Lakehouse

Business Case for Change
Every aspect of our work with CDO’s and CIO’s focuses on producing tangible change that results in evidence-based benefits. Our focus on the business benefits will be the centrepiece of our efforts to ensure moving to a Data Lakehouse delivers real outcomes.

Qubix Data Lakehouse Implement Roadmaps

Implementation Frameworks
These critical assets detail “how” to transition from the current state to the target future state. These practical documents will explain the leading practice approach to implementing a Data Lakehouse architecture that is right for your scenario.

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