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We help finance teams rapidly realize the benefits of a merger or a carveout with a specialized team of finance systems and process experts.

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Rapidly plan and execute M&A systems integration and divestitures.

A well-designed ERP implementation will be a fundamental driver of business value as part of an M&A strategy. Whether you are dealing with a merger, acquisition, or carveout your digital transformation strategy and ERP implementation must be a core pillar of accelerating the expected return on investment.

M&A activity is a core growth driver, but poor execution of the integration often results in disparate finance functions, multiple accounting systems and a siloed finance data model. These make it challenging to achieve effective post-integration enterprisewide financial reporting and analysis. We help forward-thinking finance teams to address these challenges by bringing together disparate financial data and processes into a unified finance platform.

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Avoid Integration Failures

At the core of an M&A integration or a divestiture is typically a change to the heartbeat of finance, the ERP platform. Switching ERP systems or changing them can be like performing open heart surgery while the patient is awake. In our experience, integrations can fail for several reasons:

  • The future state of finance processes has not been agreed upon and clearly designed.
  • The finance data model isn’t aligned with the critical priorities of the post-integration entity.
  • Data integration and migration strategies are unrealistic.
  • An end-to-end finance systems architecture with phased deliverables doesn’t exist.
  • ESG reporting, goals and priorities aren't fully considered.
  • Private equity groups focus on taking short-term costs out of the ERP integration program, often at the expense of longer-term risk, cost and disruption.
  • The newly combined executive team is not strategically aligned.
  • Employees are suffering from change fatigue.

These risks can be mitigated by leveraging the lessons we have captured from the M&A integration and divestiture engagements we have completed with our clients.


The Q.vate Approach


Q.vate Methodology (PJ Edits)


The Q.vate approach to ERP implementations and change is designed to deliver rapid results that minimize risks. The approach focuses on providing a number of critical outcomes quickly, including:


  1.  How to achieve a single source of enterprise-wide financial truth.
  2. A centralized record-to-report process.
  3. Enabling a phased approach to a single cloud-based ERP platform.

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How we do it

Four of the Core Pillars to our M&A Technology Integration Approach.

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Process Ownership
Change management is critical to M&A and divestitures success. We recommend that key business process owners are appointed quickly. We will work with these process teams to leverage as many “out-of-the-box” ERP processes to reduce complexity and accelerate delivery. Confirming the future target operating model early is critical.

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Single Source of Truth

It is critical to define how a single source of enterprise-wide financial truth is established and readily available. This is critical so that P&L owners and financial planning and analysis (FP&A) teams are on top of the financial performance and forecasts. We focus on how to establish a new data model for the future state and how this will impact the chart of accounts.

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Model & Manage
We focus quickly on configuring the ERP and Performance Management systems to model and manage the business. It is critical to continuously model the outcomes of M&A and divestitures and to harmonize data with one platform for financial processes, reporting, and corporate accounting. At this stage, optimizing the record-to-report process will be a priority.

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People & Projects
M&A activity and divestitures are fundamentally projects. We deploy ERP Project Management modules to define top-down, high-level M&A project plans and capture bottom-up data to ensure financial transparency across the project. Also, to accelerate the people processes, HCM modules are rapidly configured to quickly onboard new teams and automated HR, payroll, and benefits processes are prioritized early in the project.

Qubix Oracle Implementation Services

M&A Tech Solutions

Why choose Qubix?

Our services are designed to align with every M&A and divestiture scenario. Flexibility is a key tenant of our approach. We can augment your team, work alongside a strategic advisor, or own the end-to-end deliverables of the integration. Our team has an excellent combination of accounting, business and technology, and the project experience to have a valuable point-of-view to bring to the team.

Learn why Qubix is the right partner to accelerate your M&A or divestiture journey.



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