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Qubix Support services 


Peace of Mind Meets Best Practices.


A support experience that will enable you to reduce risk, increase expertise and maxmize the benefits of your Oracle EPM and BI applications.

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Our Support Experience: Affordable, world-class deep knowledge available on-demand without compromise.

Leverage our local and global expert support services to enhance the performance & value of your Oracle applications.  Free up your key resources, reduce risk and keep in step with product change's with our best practice knowledge and expertise.

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Key facts about Qubix Support:

green_tick.png A "Support Unit" is 4 hours of time 

green_tick.png Use a Support Unit for any purpose

green_tick.png Measured in 15 minute blocks

green_tick.png Alerts when key usage totals are hit 

green_tick.png Fast and easy to track

green_tick.png Fixed cost, no hidden fees

green_tick.png Guaranteed 4 hour response time

green_tick.png Can be tailored to your needs


Qubix Support Features


24/7 Knowledge Zone

Gain access to Qubix's knowledge zone to drive learning and development amongst your team.

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Guaranteed Response Times

Qubix guaranteed response times are based on issue priority service level agreements.

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Root Cause Analysis

Ensuring that faults are not just papered over but are fixed to ensure long term performance and to avoid future recurrences.


Free Training

Learn from our experts in-person to ensure you maximize the value and benefit you recieve from your application or platform.


Monthly Reporting

Monthly report provides a statement of Support Unit's used and includes online access to all support incidents and resolutions.

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Access Practice Leaders

Gain access to Practice Leader's locally or globally for escalated system advice or incident resolution.

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Proactive Performance Monitoring

To ensure that your applications are fully optimized we will complete a full health-check once a year.

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Global Remote Support

Our team's locally or globally can provide support to you via remote access, or on site if required.

Pick A Support Plan That's Right for You.

Pick a support plan that fit's your business needs and budget. Need a tailored support plan?  No problem.  We can personalize a plan that is right for you.

Low Touch

Number of Support Units:



Perfect for businesses who just want peace of mind.

Pick Plan

What's Included:

• Tier 2 Help Desk Service

   (21 units)

• Yearly Software Updates

   (2 units)

• Yearly Application Health Check

   (1 unit) 


Number of Support Units:



Perfect for businesses who may need to lean on us. 

Pick Plan

What's Included:

• Tier 2 Help Desk Service

   (24 units)

• Yearly Software Updates

   (4 units)

• Yearly Application Health Check

   (2 units) 


• Application Enhancements

  (10 units)

• On-Site BAU Support

  (6 units)

High Touch

Number of Support Units:



Perfect for businesses who want a deep support partner.

Pick Plan

What's Included:

• Tier 2 Help Desk Service

   (36 units)

• Yearly Software Updates

   (8 units)

• Yearly Application Health Check

   (4 units) 


• Application Enhancements

  (20 units)

• On-Site BAU Support

  (24 units)


Tailor Your Support with Module Add-Ons

add options to your service

In addition to our standard support agreements, you can add support modules and adjust service levels to create a truely tailored support solution for your business needs. 

Get in touch with us today to discuss your businesses unique needs.


Out of Hours Support


Guaranteed 1 Hour Support


Additional Support Units


Scheduled On-Site Support

Driving digital transformation at some of the world's smartest companies.

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Client Case Studies


Got A Question About Our Support?

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qubix support

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about our Support service? We anticipated some of your key questions and composed a straightfoward FAQ so you can get answers fast.  

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qubix support

Support Ticket Workflow Infographic

Want a visualization of the support ticket workflow? We built a visual diagram that details every step in our Support process from ticket to resolution.

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Let's Discuss A Support Plan That's Right for You

Let's meet to discuss a support plan that's right for you and your business needs.

We're happy to tailor a support plan that fits your service level requirements and budget targets. Get in touch with Qubix to learn more about how our Support plans and we will provide a formal quotation and propose next steps.  

Why not get in touch to learn more about our Support service?


Already have support from Qubix and need to contact us? 

Call: +44 1483 480222

Email: support@qubix.com