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FP&A Maturity Benchmarking

What sets high-performing CFOs and finance teams apart? They have benchmarked their performance to drive continuous improvement.

Qubix Advisory Services

We have helped hundreds of finance leaders transform their FP&A functions. Benchmark your FP&A process maturity against the best today.

We have measured a direct correlation between high-performance finance teams and the maturity of their Plan to Perform processes and systems. Our finance advisory practice has designed a framework to guide our clients through the process of benchmarking current performance and the design of an intelligent roadmap to transform FP&A function effectiveness.

Our team has the perfect mix of ex-Big Four veterans, qualified accountants and implementation experts.

Will you and your team be recognized as leading FP&A practitioners? Benchmark your FP&A processes today to find out.

Achieving a Target

The FP&A Maturity Assessment Framework.

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Step 1. Define the vision first

First, we take a step back and focus on the process and capability improvements that matter most to your current priorities. This alignment will allow us to establish a clear roadmap for prioritizing change initiatives and ensure all of your efforts directly support the overall company strategy.


Step 2. Build the benchmark

Our maturity assessment benchmarking explores six different FP&A process areas and evaluates maturity across 67 execution metrics. As an example, one area we evaluate is Integrated Business Planning (IPBX), which assesses the connections between operational, financial, ESG and forecast planning. 


Step 3. Results & Roadmap

Unlike the deliverables you might expect from the “Big Four” our content is tangible, operational and accessible to a broad audience of stakeholders. The future state of your finance function will be clear and the business benefits for change compelling.

The FP&A Maturity assessment framework

What to expect from the FP&A Maturity Assessment.

A clear roadmap to your future state, and a compelling business case for change.


Maturity Benchmarking
Our assessment tools benchmark your FP&A processes and systems across these dimensions; Leadership, People, Processes, Data & Insights, Technology and Controls. Sixty-seven different capabilities and attributes are evaluated to produce your maturity benchmark and action plan.


Intelligent Change Roadmap
We recognize that every business is at different stages of development and a one size fits all approach will fail. Our Change Roadmap is tailored to make improvements achievable across all the critical dimensions with an intelligent design that results in one set of improvements accelerating the next.

Business Case

Business Case for Change
Every aspect of our work with finance leaders is focused on producing tangible change that results in evidence-based outcomes. Our interactive business case builder will form the centrepiece of our assessment and analysis of the business case for change.

Qubix Transformation

Transformation Frameworks
These are the critical assets that detail “how” to transition from the current state to the target future state. Rather than a generic “Big Four” target operating model, these documents are designed to make self implementation as feasible as possible with rapid results a priority.

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FP&A Maturity Assessment Benchmarking.

A system, proven across 1,000+ engagements, to improve finance effectiveness.

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A proven process to improve the effectiveness and business impact of finance functions.


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Qubix has completed 1,000+ finance-related engagements. Our team is the ideal mix of ex-Big Four leaders, qualified accountants and implementation experts.

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