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Moving ERP to the Cloud

This White Paper explores in-depth the opportunities (and concerns) of moving ERP to the Cloud. Including five options for the future of your ERP system, how to prepare for the cloud as well as migration constraints. 

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In discussions with our clients, we have had heard the following statements time and again from CFOs and CIOs:

  • "We must move to the cloud; our competitors are already there."
  • "Our business optimization through technology is flat; we are seen as a facilitator and not a value creator."
  • "Not another upgrade, disaster recovery event, emergency patch and weekend working; the portfolio is so congested."
  • "Cloud is difficult; we have too many customizations."
  • "Change management is complex, and the business won't buy into adopting Oracle Cloud best practice."

The thoughts shared by our customers are natural but imagine taking the anxiety away and allowing you and your team to focus on growth and not risk. Qubix has written this White Paper to help provide clarity and guidance so that any decision taken is informed by a solid understanding of  risk and cost appetite, application strategy and overall business maturity.

White Paper Highlights:

  • The concerns and opportunities of Cloud ERP
  • Five options for the future of your ERP platform
  • Steps to prepare your organization for change
  • Possible constraints of Cloud ERP 
  • How Qubix can help you and next steps


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