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Accelerate Your Analytics Cloud Deployment.

Our QuickStart plan takes the cost and complexity out of cloud analytics and enables immediate insight for everyone.  Go beyond lists and pivot tables.  QuickStart is how everyone has always wanted to deploy and use a cloud analytics platform.

Delivery Days + Training + Qubix CloudBridge + Support - One Time Fee
What's Included... QUICKSTART
Cloud On-Boarding (one-time fee) £41k
Qubix CloudBridge subscription per year  £7k
Services Included...  
• Go-Live Delivery Days 30 
• Support Days Per Year 6
• Analytics Strategy Workshops ...advice on what to analyze, why and how green_tick 
• Data Sourcing ...we connect to the data you need green_tick 
• Data Modeling ...we show you how to model your data green_tick 
• Training & Enablement ...we show you how we do it green_tick 
Qubix CloudBridge for Data bridges to 2 different source systems 2
Key Terms...  
Contract Term 3 Years 

Perfect for all these Business Analytics use cases...

Finance  CFO Dashboard • Profit & Loss Budget vs Actual Analysis • Business Segment Analysis  Sales • Salesforce Analysis • Sales Performance Benchmarking  Sales Forecast Modeling  Sales Trend Storyboard  Marketing • Campaign Performance Analytics  Social Media Engagement Benchmarking  Customer Segmenting  Value Analysis Funnel  Conversion Analytics  Human Resources • Staffing Trends  Resource Utilization  Compensation & Performance Benchmarking  Satisfaction & Engagement Analysis and more...


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Oracle Analytics Cloud Service platform.

Get in touch with Qubix to learn more about how Oracle Analytics Cloud Service platform can help turn data into insights across every part of your business with custom analytical applications and data visualizations.


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