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Automated, Visually Rich Analytics Optimized for NetSuite


Powered by Oracle Analytics Cloud leave spreadsheets behind and
combine NetSuite data with other data sources for maximum insight.

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Unlock Hidden Insights and Deliver Better Outcomes with Oracle Analytics Cloud for NetSuite.

Data is the raw material of your business.  We can reveal previously unseen insights in your data that will help you increase sales, lower costs and enhance business performance.  Automate the analysis of your NetSuite data to accelerate actionable insights.

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Unlock Insights

An advanced Cloud Analytics Platform that turns your company's data into interactive analytical apps. View these in a rich visual experience that will help your teams to see and act on data driven decisions faster. Move beyond spreadsheets and data silos by combining NetSuite data with multiple data sources, including Salesforce, to create broader insights.

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Visual Factory

Visualization choices to help you tell remarkable stories with your data. 

Beyond Spreadsheets

Access a “one source of truth" and achieve more with your spreadsheets.

NetSuite Inside

NetSuite data, meta data and structures are automatically integrated.

Analytics Automation

A bold claim, but true and here is how. First, Qubix CloudBridge makes it possible to schedule pulling data and meta-data from NetSuite and it’s intelligent integration makes it possible to build analytics apps based on the structure of the source data.  Secondly, the Oracle Analytics Cloud can cleverly recommend the best visualizations to use based on the source data..

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popular features

Automated Integration

Pre-built integration with workflow rules to orchestrate data flows.

Auto Visualizations

Self-service analytics with a visualization recommendation engine.

Algorithm Gallery

Tap into the 350 prebuilt analysis algorithms for data modeling.

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Modernize Analytics 

As a NetSuite customer you have selected a best-in-class cloud based enterprise solution, but do you have a world-class platform to enable insight driven change across your enterprise?  Oracle Analytics Cloud is a scalable platform for analyzing all your data, across all departments and all sources.  It packs intelligence and power, wrapped in an elegant user experience..

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popular features

Cloud Flexibility

Powered by advanced in-memory elastic compute platform.

Sandbox & Share

Scale analytics with individual sandboxes that can be shared.

Predictive Analytics

Predict outcomes and augment decisions with Machine Learning.


The Most Advanced NetSuite - Oracle Data Orchestration Platform: Qubix CloudBridge

Pre-built automated data orchestration to connect NetSuite to Oracle Cloud, Saleforce, ERP, HR, SQL and Big Data sources such as Hadoop.

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The NetSuite Oracle Analytics Cloud Solution


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Self Service Analytics

Increase business performance by providing teams with intuitive analytics.
Enjoy the ability to quickly have your teams prepare and blend data into
analytical insights that are easy to share.

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Rapid Deployment

The solution runs on the Oracle cloud infrastructure and is ready to use in hours. Qubix QuickStart is a proven go-live approach that simplifies projects and accelerates the time to benefit to just days.

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Perfect Fit

A flexible solution that is adjustable to fit your needs. The direct integration to
existing NetSuite data and metadata means if NetSuite fits for your business
today, so will this solution.

Accelerate Your NetSuite Analytics Go-Live

This is your Oracle Analytics Cloud NetSuite deployment re-imagined. Our QuickStart plan takes the cost and complexity out of going live and enables a faster time to benefit. QuickStart is how everyone has always wanted to deploy and use cloud analytics.

Perfect for these Use Cases

• CFO Dashboards

• P&L Budget vs Actual Analysis

• Salesforce Analysis

• Sales Forecast Analysis

• Marketing Campaign Performance Analytics

• Social Media Engagement Benchmarking

• HR Staffing Trends

• Resource Utilization

• And many more...

NetSuite Analytics QuickStart

Delivery days included: 30

QuickStart is our fixed-scope rapid deployment accelerator.


On-boarding (one-time fee)

or ask for Pay Monthly option

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Services Included...

green_tick.png 30 Delivery Days 

green_tick.png 6 Support Days Per Year

green_tick.png Analytics Strategy Workshops

green_tick.png Data Sourcing

green_tick.png Data Modelling

green_tick.png Training & Enablement

green_tick.png Qubix CloudBridge for data integration


*price listed includes 30 consulting days, one-year of support and full training. Oracle software not included.

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We love NetSuite • 7+ years of global use.

Enabling the Predictive Enterprise at some of the world's smartest companies.

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Client Case Studies

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 Financial Transformation

No More Dark Data: Make More Informed Decisions with Analytics and ERP 

Gain insight in how top performing organisations are utilising data hidden in their ERP intelligently by applying Business Analytics. 

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