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Achieving Forecasting Agility with Hyperion Planning

October 21st, 202045 mins Online

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Qubix Achieving Forecasting Agility with Hyperion 2

Achieving Forecasting Agility with Oracle Hyperion Planning.

FP&A teams need a new approach to financial planning and performance management—one that is dynamic, data-driven, and relevant to multiple scenarios.

In this webinar, we explore how FP&A teams can rediscover the hidden secrets Oracle Hyperion Planning to:

  • Predict future outcomes with greater accuracy
  • Accelerate the time to remodel and re-forecast
  • Extend the value of Hyperion Planning beyond the finance function

We also explore the future of Hyperion Planning answering key questions such as:

  • Should I migrate to the Oracle EPM Cloud?
  • Should I consider moving my existing Hyperion Planning application to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?
  • Which Oracle Cloud deployment choice is right for me?

If you are using the Oracle Hyperion Planning application, this on-demand webcast is right for you.

Get the best from Hyperion Planning today, and create a plan for the future of your Hyperion Planning platform tomorrow.


  • On-Demand Webcast: Achieving Forecasting Agility with Hyperion Planning

    Webcast Speaker


    Neil Sellers

    Group Director