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Become Oracle Analytics-driven

Upgrade or migrate your existing Oracle Business Intelligence instances to Oracle Analytics. Minimize business disruption and maximize value with the Qubix Move to Oracle Analytics framework.

Whether your organization is looking to migrate or upgrade your Oracle Business Intelligence solutions to the cloud or stay on-premises, the path is practically the same. And we can help.

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Moving our legacy on-prem systems to the cloud meant we no longer have to waste resources on maintenance and upgrades, but can instead focus on providing business value insights using state-of-the-art applications.
Liam Stirling (1)

Liam Stirling

Head Of Information Technology, Angel Trains

By choosing Oracle solutions we were able to collect and consolidate all information and show results to our key stakeholders and end users in the form they require. They can now focus on conducting better and faster business decisions.
Iztok Vozelj

Iztok Vozelj

Information System Developer, ETI Group

From the moment we started using Oracle solutions, we were back in control of our future. With dashboards updating every day, we have the insights to make the right decisions. It's been a radical change and with Oracle we are not just keeping up, we are firmly in the driving seat.
Rok Planinšec

Rok Planinšec

CIO, Unior

Move 2 Oracle Analytics Framework

We have completed 1000+ Oracle projects and hundreds of successful cloud engagements globally. We will help you build a business case for change and an Oracle Analytics upgrade pathway that accelerates your time to value.

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11 reasons why you should move to Oracle Analytics

  1. Preserve years of investments in enterprise analytics & reporting

  2. Maximize your investment in Oracle Business Intelligence

  3. Gain all of the new features of a modern, augmented business analytics platform

  4. Acquire enterprise-level of dashboarding, analytics and reporting

  5. Use data beyond the enterprise data warehouses by adding any data sources without any help from IT

  6. Leverage out-of-the-box advanced analytics and machine learning

  7. Explore advanced analytics with full support for your non-technical business users 

  8. Empower business users to perform their own analyses without any developer support with self-service data visualization tools

  9. Provide business users and analysts the freedom of working with any data in a self-service mode with embedded data management tools

  10. Generate your own machine learning models with Machine Learning tools

  11. Minimise business disruption with the Qubix Move to Oracle Analytics framework. Analytics
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Alex Jennings

More Analytics-related questions?

I'm Alex Jennings and I lead Qubix's Analytics Practice. I help organizations use their data to transform, and I would be happy to answer your questions personally.

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Oracle Analytics has matured enough and is providing so many new features that the time has come for all existing users of Oracle Business Intelligence to seriously consider a move to Oracle Analytics.