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Semantic Modeller: The User Interface

Analytics | 3 min read

In the second part of the blog series on the Semantic Modeller, Joel Acha takes a look at the new web-based user interface and how to navigate around the new...

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Semantic Modeller: An Introduction

Analytics | 2 min read

Joel Acha takes a look back at one of the most overlooked components of Oracle Analytics - the Administration Tool, that is used to manage the semantic model.

Oracle Analytics Cloud - Classic: Statement of Direction

Analytics | 1 min read

Oracle Analytics recently published a document which outlines the strategy that has been set out for Oracle Analytics Cloud - Classic.

Oracle Analytics Server 2022 (6.4) Update

Analytics | 2 min read

Joel Acha takes a closer look at some of the new features that are available in the freshly updated Oracle Analytics Server.

Auto Insights – The latest “Blank Canvas Syndrome” weapon

Analytics | 2 min read

Oracle Analytics introduced Auto Insights, an advancement of the Explain feature that has enabled users to get some insights generated automatically.


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